This Return Policy details requirements and processes to return products bought through Ralphs for refunds or exchanges. It applies to items ordered online, in stores, or via mobile apps.

Please read this policy before making Ralphs purchases. Items are non-returnable if they fall outside guidelines described below.

General principles governing Ralphs returns:

Review additional details on Ralphs returns below. Reach out with any questions not covered. We make limited exceptions on a case by case basis if unique circumstances exist.

Return Requirements

To qualify for refunds or exchanges, items must meet the following criteria:

a. Return Window

Eligible products may be returned within 30 calendar days from the date appearing on order receipts or packing slips. Exceptions exist for members with MyRalphs loyalty accounts granting 45 day return windows as a benefit.

b. Present Proof of Purchase

Customers must provide a valid receipt, emailed confirmation or packing slip showing item was purchased from Ralphs. We cannot process returns missing proof of orders from Ralphs or approved affiliates.

c. New Condition

We only accept returns on clean, unused items still bearing original tags and labels. Do not wash, wear, consume or damage products if intending to seek refunds. We will refuse returns on used, worn, soiled or otherwise diminished items.

d. Original Packaging

Items must be repackaged carefully in identical boxes, wrappings, cases, bags etc received initially. We cannot accept returns missing manuals, parts, accessories or similarly incomplete.

e. Limitations

Even when above criteria are met, some products are non-returnable due to health regulations or special orders. See our list of common non-returnable items.

Non-Returnable Items

The below products are excluded from returns regardless of condition, timing or other factors. Ralphs cannot make exceptions due to legal or practical restrictions.

a. Refrigerated goods – Fresh meats, dairy, frozen foods, prepared salads etc.

b. Bulk foods – Ingredients sold by pound in bins are not re-sellable once purchased

c. Prescription eyewear – Lenses custom made to medical specifications

d. Mattresses and bedding – Health regulations prohibit resale of used bedding

e. Baby products – Formula, food, teethers and similar cannot be resold

f. Hazardous materials – Fuels, chemicals, solvents and alike

g. Media products – Including books, music, movies and games

h. Arts & crafts materials – Loose embellishments not in original packaging

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Initiating Returns

Customers can start Ralphs return claims through the following main avenues:

a. In Stores

Bring items with complete original packaging and receipts to any Ralphs locations along with payment cards if used initially. Sales staff will facilitate refunds or exchanges.

b. Online

Log into account dashboards used to place orders and select return options. Print prepaid return shipping labels if required to mail items back to distribution centers.

**c. By Mail **

Pack items securely along with order information in boxes and attach pre-paid shipping labels. Send to return processing facilities described on label instructions. Customers cover postage costs to mail back returns.

d. Pickup Services

In select locations, Ralphs provides pickup services to collect returns from home or workplaces at added cost. Navigate to My Account then Book Return Pickup. Availability depends on area.


Once Ralphs receives and verifies returned items meet all policy criteria, customers qualify for:

a. Refunds

Repayment appears as store credit, back on original payment cards or through original payment channels within 10 business days. Transaction fees for credit card payments will not be reimbursed.

b. Exchanges

Clients can swap returned products for identical or alternate items of equal or higher value if stock permits. Exchanges only apply toward future orders rather than account credits. Customers must pay any extra costs exceeding values of original purchases they exchange.

c. Rewards Reinstatement

For paid members of MyRalphs rewards programs, we restore any previously redeemed promotions or discounts applied to orders later refunded. This includes points, vouchers or certificates used up at time of purchase.

If rewards were already re-granted to accounts after returns, Ralphs deducts bonuses from subsequent refunds or owed account balances.

Return Shipping

Customers are responsible for safely packing and shipping products to Ralphs processing facilities using methods with tracking like express mail or major delivery companies. We recommend insuring valuable returns against potential losses.

Use labels provided through online dashboards or Ralphs Customer Service channels to identify shipments as Ralphs returns. Attach labels securely to external packaging so they remain visible.

Ralphs issues refunds or replacements once dispatched returns show delivered at our facilities in intact condition. We are not accountable for losses or damages occurring during transit before items come into Ralphs custody.

a. Return Shipping Refunds

While Ralphs customers pay initial return transportation expenses, we reimburse reasonable shipping fees if return requests get approved after inspection. Submit copies of prepaid shipping invoices or receipts to get repaid.

In cases where Ralphs shipped incorrect, defective or damaged orders, we email prepaid mailing labels for returns and refund original outbound and return shipping expenses to customers.

b. Exchanges

For customers swapping returned products for exchanges rather than refunds, Ralphs covers costs to ship replacement items. However, we do not refund return shipping expenses back to Ralphs in exchange scenarios.

Restocking Fees

Under select circumstances, Ralphs may charge restocking fees withholding a percentage from refunds to recover a portion of costs and losses from returned merchandise we cannot resell at full value.

a. Eligible Orders

Ralphs reserves the right to impose a 20% restocking deduction on refunds if all apply:

b. Exempt Groups

No restocking fees apply for military customers with APO/FPO addresses or purchases made using federal aid programs like WIC or SNAP.

c. Notice of Charges

If restocking fees apply, Ralphs provides advance notice at stages where customers can still cancel return requests. You have opportunities to withdraw return claims before paying restocking penalties.

Refund Denials

Ralphs customer service team assesses each return claim individually. If products or circumstances fail to meet policy guidelines, we will try contacting customers first before denying remedies.

Common reasons we may send items back or decline refunds include:

For declined returns shipped to our facilities, Ralphs will hold items for 30 days allowing collection in stores or arranging 3rd party pickup. Beyond 30 days Ralphs claims abandoned property rights to reuse or donate unclaimed products otherwise eligible for disposal.

MyRalphs Loyalty Perks

Alongside general return policy terms, MyRalphs paid program members enjoy these enhanced return benefits:

a. Extensions

Get 45 days instead of 30 from purchase date for returns or exchanges rather than standard window.

b. Free Returns

No need to pay return shipping on online purchases. Print prepaid mailing labels for refunds changing mind on orders.

c. Instant Online Refunds

System instantly approves and credits eligible online returns back to original payment sources without waiting on Ralphs sorting facilities to receive and inspect items first. However we will reverse credits if products eventually show condition or eligibility issues upon inspection after arrival from customers.

d. Free Exchanges

MyRalphs members skip re-stocking fees on orders swapped for equal or higher priced alternatives. Plus we include free shipping on initial exchanges.

e. Priority Service

We expedite processing on MyRalphs member refunds and exchanges to get account credits or replacement items faster. Members skip return approval wait times.

Return Fraud & Abuse

Ralphs reserves right to suspend return privileges for patrons demonstrating patterns of excessive, false or fraudulent returns. Warning signs include:

Blatant return scams or abuse of Ralphs generosity may also result in penalties like account suspension or blacklisting as decided case by case internally.

Modification & Exceptions

Ralphs periodically updates this Return Policy to reflect changing business priorities and evolving industry standards around sustainable returns management. We aim to apply policies reasonably and fairly for all parties involved.

In some cases with unique circumstances, Ralphs may make confidential exceptions to standard policy. However we offer no guarantee of exceptions to stated rules. Please refer return related questions not answered here to:

Ralphs Customer Service

This Return Policy was updated on January 1, 2024 and applies to purchases made after this date. Prevailing policies at time of original orders govern older returns unless otherwise required under law or specific transition guidance provided separately on Ralphs platforms.