Zevia Zero Calorie Ginger Root Beer Soda, 12 oz Cans, Pack of 12



A Refreshing Twist on a Classic Flavor – Zevia Ginger Root Beer

Zevia puts a unique spin on a beloved soda by adding a hint of ginger to their zero-calorie root beer. Made with all natural ingredients and stevia leaf extract, this ginger root beer offers a sweet yet spicy cream soda taste that’s incredibly refreshing.

The 12 oz cans come in a pack of 12, providing plenty of crisp, fizzy drinks to enjoy. With no sugar or artificial ingredients, this ginger root beer from Zevia lets you indulge in a nostalgic flavor without the guilt.

A Sweetened Soda That’s Good for You

What sets Zevia apart from other sodas is their use of stevia to provide a zero-calorie sweetness in their beverages. Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from the stevia plant, making it a smart alternative to artificial sweeteners. And with no sugar or calories, this ginger root beer lets you sip on something sweet without worrying about your health.

In addition to stevia, Zevia only uses natural flavorings and carbonated water to produce their line of sodas. There are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. This makes their ginger root beer not only delicious, but better for you too.

The Perfect Balance of Creamy and Spicy

This ginger infused root beer from Zevia offers the best of both worlds. You get the familiar creamy and smooth flavors of classic root beer paired with a subtle kick of ginger. Each refreshing sip starts out sweet and ends with a little spice.

The ginger provides a tang that cuts through the rich, vanilla creaminess of the root beer. This results in a complex and sophisticated soda that keeps your tastebuds guessing with the changing flavors.

Both Adults and Kids Will Enjoy This Treat

Don’t be surprised if this ginger root beer becomes a quick favorite with both kids and adults. The kids will love the sweet taste of an old-fashioned cream soda while adults will appreciate the sophisticated blend of ginger and root beer flavors.

It makes for a fun twist on a beloved soda shop favorite. Enjoy ice-cold or try making unique floats and cocktails with this zero-calorie ginger root beer. With its nostalgic taste and crisp effervescence, it’s sure to be a hit at parties or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Guilt-Free Indulgence in a Can

When you crave the fizzy refreshment of a soda, reach for one of these Zevia ginger root beers instead of a sugar-filled option. You can enjoy the flavor you love without all the calories, carbs, and artificial ingredients found in regular soda.

With this pack of 12 cans, there’s plenty to go around. Keep some chilled in the fridge or bring them along in a cooler to enjoy anywhere. Zevia eliminates soda-guilt, letting you indulge in the tasty creaminess of ginger root beer without the unhealthy effects.

Treat yourself to this delightful twist on an old favorite. With Zevia’s zero-calorie recipe, you can quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way.


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