YummY Sauce Cajun Flavor Sauce – Spicy, Bold Cajun Condiment for Seafood, Chicken & More



Experience the taste of New Orleans with YummY Sauce’s authentic Cajun-style condiment. This spicy, tomato-based sauce is a quick way to add big, bold Louisiana flavor to seafood, chicken, sandwiches and more.

Just a Spoonful of Spice for Cajun Flavor Anytime

YummY Sauce makes it easy to give meals an authentic NOLA kick. Made with tomatoes, vinegar and blend of spices, this Cajun sauce delivers a mild heat with vibrant flavor.

A dash, drizzle or dip is all you need to put a spicy spin on:

  • Blackened fish or shrimp
  • Fried catfish or oysters
  • Jambalaya, gumbo and other Cajun dishes
  • Shrimp po’ boys and other sandwiches
  • Chicken wings, tenders and nuggets
  • Cajun fries, tator tots and onion rings

Keep a bottle handy in the fridge or pantry for whenever you want to turn up the heat.

Mild Yet Complex Blend of Spices

While not overly hot, YummY Cajun sauce delivers a satisfying sizzle. Its perfected blend of spices includes:

  • Paprika
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Cayenne
  • Black pepper
  • Other secret seasonings

This combination gives the sauce layers of flavor beyond just heat. The savory spices mingle with tart tomato for a condiment that’s versatile as well as addicting.

Convenient Packaging for Restaurants or Home Kitchens

YummY Sauce’s Cajun-style flavor comes in an 8-ounce squeezable plastic bottle that’s great for restaurants, cafeterias and home kitchens.

The slim bottle makes it easy to drizzle sauce neatly over plated dishes. Just squeeze out the desired amount onto seafood, chicken or anything else needing a kick of Louisiana-inspired spice.

The 8-ounce size is ideal for keeping on hand for daily use. This two-pack gives you plenty of zesty Cajun flavor to liven up meals for weeks.

Authentic Taste of New Orleans Wherever You Are

With YummY Sauce Cajun flavor, enjoy the essence of NOLA cooking no matter where you live. This authentic sauce adds Creole/Cajun influence to everyday meals quickly and easily.

Just a dash or dip of this tomato-based condiment gives a mild jolt of:

  • Smoky paprika
  • Pungent garlic
  • Savory oregano
  • A gentle cayenne tingle

Keep a bottle on the table for family and friends to spice up seafood baskets, chicken tenders, fries and more to their liking.

For a no-fuss Mardi Gras flavor celebration, pour the sauce over boiled shrimp, crawfish or jambalaya rice for instant Creole soul food.

Spice Up Meals with YummY Sauce’s Louisiana-Style Flavors

YummY Sauce makes it simple to infuse everyday dishes with the essence of NOLA any night of the week. Give wings, fish fillets, sandwiches and veggies an authentic Cajun flair in seconds.

Thissauce balances subtle heat with smoky, savory depth for versatility across proteins, appetizers and more. Just squeeze and sizzle up the flavor.


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