Washburn Candy Dad’s Wrapped Root Beer Barrels Candy – 3 Pounds of Old-Fashioned Root Beer Flavor



Experience the nostalgic joy of old-fashioned root beer with every bite of these delicious Dad’s Wrapped Root Beer Barrels Candy. Each 3-pound bag contains a trove of treasured treats, inviting you to savor the classic sweetness of root beer candy from days gone by.

Indulge in Traditional Root Beer Flavor

These chewy root beer barrel candies envelop your taste buds in the distinctive flavors of old-time soda fountains. Each candy delivers the smooth, rich taste of root beer, crafted using an original recipe perfected by the Washington candy company over the decades. Every soft, chewy bite will transport you back to the bygone eras when families gathered at their neighborhood soda fountain to share refreshing root beer floats.

Bite-Sized Candies Wrapped for On-the-Go Enjoyment

The three pounds of root beer candy come in the form of miniature root beer barrels, each individually wrapped for your convenience. The bite-sized candies make portion control easy while their compact wrapped form is perfect for tucking into your pocket or purse for sweet satisfaction anywhere. Keep them handy in your home, office desk drawer, or glove compartment for a nostalgic treat.

Share the Joy

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of old-fashioned flavor. These classic candies encapsulate the tastes of simpler times, evoking sweet memories with every piece. Give bags to parents, grandparents, and elders in your life who may fondly recall visits to the corner drugstore soda fountain. Let the root beer barrels candy transport them back to the wholesome fun of their younger years.

Trusted Quality from a Century-Old Candy Company

Washburn has crafted treasured confections from its Washington headquarters for over a century. Their time-honored recipes and small-batch methods produce consistent, quality candies you can trust. Washburn still makes these root beer barrels using the same processes perfected decades ago to capture old-fashioned flavor in each piece. With Washburn’s candies, you enjoy the sweet nostalgia of yesteryear.

Customer Impressions

“These root beer barrel candies are amazing! They are so soft and pack an intense old-fashioned root beer flavor. It’s like drinking a frosty mug of root beer in candy form.”

“I bought these root beer candies for my grandfather’s 85th birthday party. As soon as he tasted one, his face lit up with the happiest smile as it brought back great memories of boyhood trips to the corner store.”

“The root beer flavor is so comforting. These candies really do taste like the sodas at old-time ice cream parlors and burger joints. A classic treat!”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of our nostalgic candies. If you aren’t completely satisfied, contact us for a full refund or replacement bag. Enjoy risk-free!

Relive classic root beer flavor with every soft, chewy bite of Dad’s Wrapped Root Beer Barrels. Let the sweet memories wash over you with each piece. Order now and treat yourself or share the joy with someone special!


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