Village Candy Shop Root Beer Float Salt Water Taffy – 7oz Bag of Creamy, Fizzy Root Beer Flavored Taffy



Take your taste buds straight to the old-fashioned soda fountain with Village Candy Shop’s Root Beer Float Salt Water Taffy. This 7oz bag contains pieces of soft, chewy taffy bursting with sweet creamy root beer flavor and fizzy bubbles.

Each tender, pillow-soft taffy perfectly captures the nostalgic taste of an ice cream float made with rich vanilla ice cream and old-fashioned root beer. The sweet, mellow vanilla flavors swirl together with the fizzy, aromatic root beer notes in a taffy that’s as fun to eat as it is delicious.

Village Candy Shop partners with Taffy Town, premier maker of salt water taffy, to bring you this root beer float taffy bliss in every piece. Taffy Town still stretches their salt water taffy the old-fashioned way with real butter, pure cane sugar, and natural flavors. Their small-batch process lovingly crafts every piece of taffy for unbeatable freshness.

This resealable 7oz bag lets you savor the root beer float taffy again and again. Keep some pieces in your pocket for a sweet, fizzy pick-me-up anytime. Share a few pieces with kids after school for a smile-inducing treat. Or bring the bag along to the movies for a better-than-popcorn snack. However you enjoy it, this taffy captures wholesome, old-timey flavor in deliciously chewy form.

Soda Fountain Nostalgia in Every Piece

Take one bite of this root beer float taffy and let the memories wash over you like the fizzy foam on a cold root beer float.

Each tender, melt-in-your-mouth piece brims with the sweet, creamy decadence of rich vanilla ice cream. Wrapping your tongue in its smooth, velvety vanilla embrace, you’re transported back to the days of corner soda fountains and drugstore diners.

Just when you think it can’t get better, the unmistakable spice and aroma of root beer swirls in. Subtle wintergreen and vanilla mingle with aromatic birch for an old-fashioned root beer taste that’s fizzy, cool, and refreshing.

Close your eyes, and you’re belly up at the counter of a retro soda shop, waiting for the server to top off your frosty mug of root beer with a heaping scoop of ice cream. The creamy vanilla swirls into the bubbly brown soda, melting into the perfect float.

With this taffy’s sweet, carbonated flavor, you can relive that experience anytime. It brings together rich, creamy vanilla and cold, bubbly root beer for a nostalgic blast from the past.

Made with Real Ingredients

Taffy Town still makes their salt water taffy the traditional way for unbeatable flavor in every piece. They whip up small batches in copper kettles, using real butter, cane sugar, and natural flavors. There are no waxes, artificial colors, corn syrups, or preservatives muddying up each tender bite.

The pure cream and butter provide the signature creamy vanilla base of the classic root beer float. And because Taffy Town uses natural root beer extract, you get an authentic old-fashioned root beer fizziness, not some weird chemical aftertaste.

From start to finish, the root beer float taffy is made by hand with care to draw out every bit of sweet, creamy, soda shop flavor. Taffy Town embraces tradition to keep their salt water taffy timeless and tasting as it should.

Ideal for Old and Young Alike

Kids will love the playful fizzy root beer flavors wrapped up in tender, pull-apart taffy. Each piece is a smile waiting to happen. And for the older folks, it’s sure to stir up sweet memories of youth.

Root beer float taffy makes an excellent road trip snack to keep the whole family happy. Tuck a few pieces in your purse for instant joy while out shopping. Or surprise your coworkers with a bag at the office for a little nostalgic treat.

From classrooms to road trips to movie theaters, it’s a wholesome, mess-free candy that puts a grin on everyone’s face. And you can feel good about enjoying this old-fashioned treat yourself.

Made in the USA, this creamy, fizzy taffy offers a taste of simpler times when you could get a double scoop root beer float for a dime at the corner pharmacy.

Your New Favorite Taffy Flavor

While you can certainly buy huge bags of assorted taffy flavors, sometimes you just want to grab a bag of your number one favorite flavor. That’s why Village Candy Shop sells their salt water taffy in individual flavor packs.

With the 7oz resealable bag of Root Beer Float Taffy, you get nothing but fluffy vanilla and fizzy root beer bliss in every single piece. No more digging through lemon, watermelon, or mystery flavors to find the good stuff.

Keep your candy cravings simple and satisfying with a bag made for root beer float fanatics. These round pieces even look like scoops of vanilla ice cream floating in an icy mug of root beer.

When only sweet, creamy, and fizzy will do, grab a resealable pouch of Root Beer Float Salt Water Taffy. Stash some in your bag to take your taste buds back in time with creamy-dreamy old-fashioned flavor.


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