Twang Pickle Flavored Beer Salts – 8 Pack of 1oz Bottles



Take your beer to the next level with the delicious taste of pickles! This 8 pack of Twang Pickle Beer Salts provides a unique and addicting flavor that beer lovers won’t be able to resist. Just add a dash to any beer, cider, or cocktail for an instant pickle kick.

Flavor and Enhance Any Beer or Drink

These specialized beer salts contain sodium chloride and natural pickle flavoring to give your drink a tasty dill pickle taste. Simply shake 1-3 dashes into your beer bottle, can, pint glass, or cocktail. The salty, sour, briny flavor perfectly complements and enhances all beer styles from IPAs to stouts.

Convenient Single-Use 1oz Bottles

Twang Pickle Beer Salts come in a pack of eight 1-ounce plastic bottles with flip-top lids. The portable size makes it easy to keep a bottle on hand in your purse, pocket, or cooler bag to flavor drinks anytime, anywhere. No need for measuring spoons – just flip, dash, and enjoy!

Unique Pickle Flavor Beer Lovers Crave

Why settle for boring beer when you can enhance it with everyone’s favorite pickled flavor? The pickle taste cuts through alcohol bitterness and brings out the best in your brew. Even non-beer drinkers will be hooked by the lip-puckering, thirst-quenching magic of pickle salt beer.

Complements All Beer Styles and Occasions

This versatile product amps up every type of beer. Add to IPAs, lagers, stouts, wheat beers, ciders, and more. It’s great for backyard BBQs, parties, bars, restaurants, picnics, camping, and tailgating. Use it for beers, cocktails, or micheladas too!


  • 8 bottles of Twang Pickle flavored Beer Salts
  • 1 fluid ounce in each plastic bottle
  • Natural pickle flavor and sodium chloride
  • Flip-top lid for easy dashing on the go
  • Enhances all beer styles – IPAs, lagers, stouts, etc.
  • Unique briny, sour pickled flavor
  • Great for beers, cocktails, micheladas too
  • Perfect for parties, BBQs, bars, camping, & more

Flavorful Magic in a Dash

Don’t let boring beer ruin your next party or hang out. With just a quick shake of pickle salt, you can transform any brew into a delicious pickle-forward flavor explosion! The salt cuts bitterness while the pickle juice tang excites your taste buds.

These beer salts are so addicting you’ll want to add them to everything. The convenience of single-use bottles means you can easily flavor beer wherever you go. Keep some in your fridge, purse, car, or backpack cooler for pickle beer anywhere.

A Taste Sensation You Have to Try

If you love pickles and beer, combining them is a no-brainer. The first sip of pickle salt beer will blow you away! The sour tang surrounds your tongue while the salt smooths the beer’s bite. Chugging pickle beer is deeply satisfying.

Don’t knock it til you try it – pickle beer is likely to become your new favorite thing! It’s especially amazing with wheat beers, lagers, and ciders. This 8 pack lets you experience the magic again and again. Share a bottle with friends and watch their faces light up.

Endless Pairing Possibilities

While pickle beer is delicious enough on its own, you can create even more amazing flavors by pairing with food:

– Classic burgers and fries
– Hot dogs loaded with relish
– Fried pickles or pickle spears
– Pizza with extra olives
– Spicy chicken sandwiches
– Egg or chicken salad sandwiches
– Soft pretzels with mustard
– Grilled sausages and sauerkraut

The briny pickle salt interacts beautifully with these savory foods, taking your meal to the next level. Discover new favorite pairings!

Make Every Beer Better

Don’t settle for boring beer! Twang Pickle Beer Salts let you upgrade cheap beers, bitter IPAs, or warm cans into a tasty pickle-flavored treat.

Keep these 1oz bottles stocked at home, bring them to parties, or stash in your pocket before a concert or game. A quick dash of pickle salt makes every beer better instantly. Try it and see why beer lovers are obsessed!


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