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Capture the rich, savory essence of the sea with Trunas Natural Seafood Stock in One Tablet. This innovative product takes a traditional Korean seafood broth and concentrates it into tablet form using freeze-dried technology. The result is incredibly convenient seafood flavor you can use to enhance soups, stews, rice dishes, and more with the taste of the ocean.

Made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial additives, each Trunas tablet contains the extracts of 16 different seafood and produce items. This includes oysters, anchovies, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, onions, garlic, carrots, and more. Just one or two tablets dissolved in hot water provides full-bodied umami richness and the briny sweetness of seafood.

Traditional Korean Flavor Modernized

Korean cuisine is renowned for complex, intense flavors. One key component is the seafood broth base called eogjang, used to add oceanic essence to soups, stews, and other dishes. Making traditional eogjang is time and labor intensive, with careful simmering required to extract maximum flavor.

Trunas captures the soul of this traditional broth in convenient tablet form. By freeze-drying choice ingredients at peak freshness, the tablets lock in rich taste and nutrition without artificial additives. Just add hot water to release the savory authentic flavor of seafood and aromatics.

Simple and Convenient Seafood Essence

Getting delicious seafood flavor into your cooking is now as easy as dissolving a tablet in hot water. The concentrated ingredients mean even one Trunas tablet in your cooking liquid provides rich oceanic taste.

Enhance the flavor of ramen and rice with the round mouthfeel of shellfish and the clean taste of ocean greens. Cook grains like rice, quinoa or farro in seafood-infused liquid for a savory flavor boost. Use when braising meats or veggies to impart sweet brininess. Flex those creative muscles and discover even more ways to utilize this convenient umami boost.

Natural Ingredients, Natural Taste

Unlike artificial flavorings, Trunas relies on real food ingredients to provide authentic taste. Oysters, anchovies, kelp and other aquatic foods supply the savory amino acids and minerals characteristic of ocean flavor. Shiitake mushrooms ramp up tasty umami compounds. Vegetables like onions and garlic add balancing sweetness and aroma.

With 16 thoughtfully composed ingredients, you get layered complexity in the convenience of a tablet. All the natural flavors combine to recreate the soul-satisfying richness that only comes from simmering real seafood and produce for hours. Now you can impart that satisfying depth to everyday dishes with minimal effort.

Elevate Soups, Stews, and More

Bring new dimension to everyday meals andspecial occasions alike with Trunas Natural Seafood Stock tablets. Their versatility makes them useful for a wide array of dishes.

For seafood soups and stews, Trunas tablets reinforce the briny sweetness of the main ingredients. Braise flaky white fish or plump shrimp in a Trunas-infused broth for full ocean flavor. Even all-vegetable soups get a flavor boost from the savory seafood essences.

From braises to rice dishes, pasta sauces, and more, Trunas tablets provide the final flourish. That last bit of seasoning that takes the dish from great to spectacular. Keep them on hand for whenever inspiration strikes, and your cooking will reach new heights.

For authentic Korean cuisine made easy, look no further than Trunas Natural Seafood Stock tablets. With just the addition of hot water, you can harness the flavor wisdom of generations past in convenient tablet form.


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