Triple B BBQ Dry Rub Poultry Seasoning – Premium Chicken & Turkey Rub for Grilling and Smoking (11.5 Oz)



Take your poultry from bland to grand with Triple B BBQ’s Dry Rub Poultry Seasoning. This savory blend of spices and herbs brings out the absolute best flavor in chicken, turkey, and other birds.

A Perfectly Balanced Blend of Sweet and Savory

Finding the right balance of flavors is an art, and Triple B has perfected it with this poultry seasoning. Sweet notes of brown sugar and paprika mingle with savory garlic, onion, salt, and pepper. The result is a rub that complements the natural flavor of poultry instead of overpowering it. A touch of sweet with a good amount of savory makes chicken and turkey irresistibly juicy and delicious.

Meticulously Sourced, Quality Ingredients

Triple B uses only the freshest, high-quality ingredients sourced domestically whenever possible. You can taste the difference this meticulous sourcing makes in every jar of seasoning. The spices are robust and fragrant, adding incredible depth of flavor to your poultry.

Mouthwatering Aroma and Vibrant Color

This rub doesn’t just taste great, it also appeals to all your senses. The paprika lends a rich color that looks gorgeous on chicken and turkey, while the garlic and onion provide incredible aroma. Even before you take a bite, you’ll be enticed by the irresistible scent and vibrant hue this seasoning imparts.

Authentic Texas Barbeque Flavor

Texas knows meat, and Triple B knows how to bring out the absolute best flavor with this seasoned rub. With hints of the Lone Star state’s legendary barbeque, this poultry seasoning adds a taste of authentic southern BBQ. Let Triple B’s seasoning expertise take your grilled and smoked chicken to new heights.

Grill Master’s Secret for Juicy, Flavorful Birds

Top competitors use Triple B’s poultry rub in barbeque competitions, and they consistently rank in Texas’ top 10. Now you can cook competition-worthy smoked chicken and grilled turkey at home. The seasoning penetrates the meat to deliver incredible flavor in every bite while keeping poultry nice and juicy.

Simple to Use Dry Rub for All Cooking Methods

This versatile seasoning can be used on chicken, turkey, game hens, duck, goose, and more. It’s excellent on boneless skinless breasts, wings, drumsticks, thighs, whole birds, etc. The dry rub adheres nicely to poultry to add flavor before baking, grilling, smoking, roasting and air frying. It also makes a great finishing seasoning after cooking.

Flavor That Your Whole Family Will Love

Satisfy everyone at the dinner table with Triple B’s crowd-pleasing blend of spices and herbs. The well-balanced sweet and savory profile pairs perfectly with chicken and turkey. Kids will devour it, and adults will ask for seconds.

Made in Small Batches in Texas

Triple B takes pride in their small-batch process that allows meticulous quality control and consistency. Every jar of dry rub poultry seasoning is crafted by hand in Texas using careful expertise to provide superior flavor.

Try It Risk-Free

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don’t love Triple B’s Poultry Seasoning, return it for a full refund or replacement. You have nothing to lose except bland chicken and turkey.

Bring out the absolute best in poultry with Triple B’s Dry Rub Poultry Seasoning. Pick up a jar today and satisfy your family with juicy, flavorful chicken and turkey.


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