Transform Seafood into Crispy, Flavorful Creations with Zatarain’s Southern Fish Fry



Treat your family to the flavorful crunch of perfect fried seafood with this value pack of Zatarain’s Crispy Southern Fish Fry. With four 24 oz boxes of this easy fish breading mix, you’ll have plenty to fry up seafood for crowd-pleasing meals and parties.

The Signature Taste of Southern-Style Crispy Seafood

• Authentic New Orleans-inspired recipe since 1889

• Special blend of spices and cornmeal creates rich flavor

• Gives seafood a crispy, crunchy breading coating

• Versatile for frying various types of fish and seafood

• Easy preparation – just dip and fry for golden seafood

Zatarain’s has been synonymous with flavorful Southern cooking for over 130 years. This fish fry mix continues that legacy, coating seafood in a uniquely seasoned crunchy batter.

The blend of cornmeal and proprietary spices gives seafood a crispy texture and robust flavor reminiscent of the Southern seafood shacks. It’s the signature taste you expect from the Zatarain’s name.

Breading Versatility for All Your Fried Seafood

This all-purpose seafood breading is extremely versatile, ideal for frying:

  • Catfish
  • Tilapia
  • Cod
  • Flounder
  • Sole
  • Crawfish
  • Shrimp
  • Calamari
  • Oysters
  • Clams
  • And more!

With a light crispy texture and bold Cajun kick, this mix enhances the flavor of mild white fish as well as bolder catch like salmon. It’s a quick and easy way to give seafood dinners restaurant-quality crunch.

Crowd-Pleasing Meals and Parties

Fried seafood is a crowd-pleaser, so keep plenty of Zatarain’s on hand for entertaining. Whip up Platters of fried cod, shrimp, oysters, and catfish for a Southern surf and turf feast.

For easy appetizers, fry up bites of fish, shrimp, or calamari with sauce for dipping. Serve fried catfish or salmon sandwiches at your next picnic or potluck. The possibilities are endless with this versatile seafood breading.

Quality Ingredients Backed by Trust

Zatarain’s only uses quality ingredients like spices, seasonings, and cornmeal in their recipes. The Mooresville Merchant Decal on this pack signifies it as an authentic Zatarain’s product, backed by over a century of flavor expertise.

You can trust the freshness of each box, as the Mooresville packing experts ensure careful handling and storage. With four 24 oz boxes, you’ll have plenty of mix on hand for all your crispy seafood cravings.

Make Mealtime More Flavorful

Give your family a taste of authentic Southern flavor without the fuss with Zatarain’s Southern Fish Fry. The special spice blend infuses seafood with bold yet balanced seasoning that keeps them coming back for more.

Frying up crunchy, juicy seafood is a great way to get fish-averse eaters to enjoy healthy protein. Kids and adults alike find the crispy breaded coating irresistible.

Satisfy seafood cravings any night of the week with the convenient crisp breading of Zatarain’s. Stock up on this value pack so you’re always ready for spur-of-the-moment fried feasts!


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