Tony Chachere’s Famous Louisiana Crawfish & Crab Boil Seasoning – 7 lbs



Get ready for the ultimate Cajun seafood experience with Tony Chachere’s famous crawfish and crab boil seasoning! This authentic Creole spice blend infuses your boil with bold, robust Louisiana flavor that will transport your tastebuds straight to the bayou.

Specially crafted for seafood, our Crawfish & Crab Boil contains a wonderful mix of spices like garlic, lemon, onion, oregano, basil and secret Cajun flavors. When added to your pot, it quickly transforms ordinary water into a zesty, full-flavored cooking liquid that perfectly complements shellfish. The result is tender, juicy crawfish and crab bursting with spicy, tangy goodness in every bite!

In addition to crawfish and crab, our versatile 7 lb jug of boil seasoning is also fantastic for:

Shrimp Boils – Gives shrimp extra zing and incredible shell-on flavor
Clambakes – Draws out the natural sweetness of clams, mussels and oysters
Lobster or Crawdad Boils – Infuses briny seafood taste into the meat
Po’ Boys – Sprinkle on shrimp or oysters before frying for a NOLA sandwich
Seafood Gumbos & Étouffées – Adds authentic Louisiana essence to simmering stews

This is the same authentic crawfish and crab seasoning used by legendary Creole restaurants and backyard boilers throughout Louisiana. The generous 7 lb size contains enough spice to flavor multiple big batches of seafood. It also comes in a resealable jug, keeping the seasoning fresh for many shrimp or crawfish boils to come.

Tony Chachere’s Famous Boil Seasoning Contains No:
– Fillers
– Artificial flavors or colors
– Gluten

It’s made with only authentic high-quality ingredients approved by Tony Chachere’s himself over 50 years ago. Today, it remains a beloved staple seasoning for boiled seafood fans across the South and beyond.

Here’s what fans are raving about:

“This stuff is worth its weight in gold! My crawfish boils went from mediocre to world famous once I started using Tony’s.” – Mark S.

“I’ve been to New Orleans many times and this seasoning captures that authentic Cajun flavor perfectly. My shrimp have never tasted better.” – Lucille T.

“You can’t have a real deal crawfish or crab boil without Tony Chachere’s seasoning! I love how big the jug is too – a little bit goes a long way.” – James R.

“I’m not the best cook but my seafood always turns out amazing when I add this spice mix to the pot. Never boil shellfish without it!” – Samantha G.

Bring the taste of the bayou to your next backyard boil with Tony Chachere’s original crawfish and crab seasoning. It’s the secret to spicy, juicy, perfectly seasoned seafood acclaimed by Louisiana natives and cajun food fans everywhere.


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