Tealyra Blood Cleanser Tea – Natural Herbal Detox and Diuretic Loose Leaf Tea for Cleansing and Wellness



Refresh and rejuvenate your body with Tealyra’s Blood Cleanser Tea, a refreshing and cleansing herbal tea blend made with natural diuretic herbs to support gentle detoxification. This caffeine-free wellness tea features a medley of herbs traditionally used for their blood purifying properties, including dandelion root, parsley, sage, and fennel.

Sip a cup of this aromatic herbal infusion to help cleanse your body of toxins and impurities. The dandelion root acts as a natural diuretic to gently flush out waste and excess water weight, while parsley is rich in vitamin C and helps support kidney function. Sage and fennel add an array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nurture your body.

With its pleasant, mild taste and aroma of earthy dandelion and bright, grassy parsley, this wellness tea makes for an easy and enjoyable way to cleanse your body. It’s naturally caffeine-free, so you can enjoy a cup any time of day.

Some of the many reasons to love Tealyra’s Blood Cleanser Tea:

Natural Cleanse and Detox Tea

This therapeutic tea blend helps support your body’s natural cleansing processes. The diuretic dandelion root encourages waste elimination through increased urination. Parsley root aids kidney function to filter out toxins.

Promotes a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Sage and fennel have natural anti-inflammatory properties to help ease joint discomfort and promote wellness. The antioxidants in these herbs support your immune health.

Supports Healthy Liver Function

Dandelion root stimulates the liver to release excess water and toxins. This helps reduce strain on your liver so it works more efficiently.

Kidney Support

Parsley root works as a natural diuretic to increase urine output. This takes pressure off the kidneys and helps flush out waste from your urinary tract.

Cardiovascular Wellness

Dandelion root acts as a natural diuretic to reduce water weight and lower blood pressure levels. Fennel helps moderate cholesterol levels.

Soothing and Calming

Sip this warm, nourishing tea to promote relaxation. The aromas and flavors evoke a sense of harmony.

Pure and Natural Ingredients

This herbal tea is made using only natural herbs. It’s non-GMO, free of preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Pleasant, Mild Taste

Enjoy the mellow flavors of earthy dandelion, anise-like fennel, and grassy parsley. Kids love the mild taste too.


You can enjoy a hot cup of this cleansing tea anytime, even in the evenings. It’s naturally caffeine-free.

Hand-Harvested Herbs

The herbs are hand-picked at peak freshness then gently sun-dried to retain vital nutrients.

Ethically Sourced

Tealyra works directly with family-owned organic farms to source premium quality herbs through fair trade practices.

The natural ingredients in Tealyra’s Blood Cleanser Tea include:

Dandelion Root: Stimulates bile production and acts as a diuretic to flush out waste. Supports healthy liver function.

Parsley Root: Diuretic that helps remove toxins through increased urination. Rich in antioxidants like vitamin C.

Fennel: Helps moderate cholesterol levels. Has anti-inflammatory effects to reduce swelling and pain.

Sage Leaf: Boosts immunity with its high antioxidant content. Eases upset stomachs and sore throats.

Give your body a reboot with a cup of Tealyra’s Blood Cleanser Tea. This gentle detox tea offers a simple, natural way to flush away impurities, reduce bloating, and support whole body health.


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