Sugar Free Algae Omega 3 Gummies – Vegan DHA & EPA for Brain, Eye, Heart – 1000mg Plant-Based Fish Oil Alternative



Discover the Power of Algae Omega-3s in a Delicious Sugar Free Gummy!

Looking for a potent omega-3 supplement but want to avoid fish oils? Welcome to the next generation of omega-3s – straight from the original source! Sugar Free Algae Omega 3 Gummies pack a powerful punch of veggie DHA and EPA to support whole body wellness.

Rich in omega-3s from algal oil, these gummies provide 460mg DHA and 230mg EPA in just 2 gummies. DHA and EPA are essential fatty acids that play a key role in brain, eye, heart and joint health. Going straight to the origin of omega-3s (algae) means no fishy aftertaste or contamination issues.

Plus, you get an optimal 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA in these gummies. Research shows this balanced combo offers superior absorption and effectiveness versus fish oil supplements. No need to choke down huge fishy pills – just chew 2 delicious sugar free gummies!

Keep reading to learn why algae omega-3s should be your new go-to supplement and how these gummies can enhance your health from head to toe!

Why Algae?
Algae is the ORIGINAL source of omega-3s. Fish get their omega-3s from eating algae. Going straight to the source avoids contamination issues with fish oils. Our algal oil is sourced sustainably from North Ireland.

Higher Concentrations

Algal oil contains higher concentrations of DHA than fish oil, making it more potent. These gummies pack 460mg DHA and 230mg EPA per serving, which may support better absorption.

Delicious Sugar Free Gummies
No more choking down huge fishy pills! Our special production technology delivers liquid omega-3s within a sweet gummy shell. You’ll love the fruity flavors and smooth texture.

5-in-1 Formula for Whole Body Wellness
With DHA, EPA, PS, folate and B12, these gummies provide broad nutritional support:

  • DHA – Supports brain, eye and heart health
  • EPA – Promotes flexible joints and healthy inflammatory response
  • PS – Boosts memory, focus and nerve health
  • Folate – Helps make new cells and produce DNA
  • B12 – Supports energy levels and red blood cell production

How Do These Algae Omega-3 Gummies Support You?

Brain Health:

The essential fatty acids DHA and EPA play a crucial role in cognitive function. DHA makes up 97% of the omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and is a major structural fat in the cerebral cortex. These gummies provide an ample 460mg DHA to help nourish your brain, improve memory, uplift mood and enhance focus. The phosphatidylserine further enhances DHA’s brain benefits.

Vision Support:
DHA is a key structural component of the retina in your eyes. Getting sufficient DHA ensures healthy retinal function to support clear vision. With 460mg DHA, these gummies help maintain visual acuity and eye comfort.

Heart Health:
The EPA and DHA in these gummies help maintain triglyceride and cholesterol levels already in the normal range, supporting heart health. The folate also helps lower homocysteine levels in the blood, promoting heart function.

Joint & Skin Comfort:

The EPA in these gummies helps modulate healthy inflammatory responses to soothe joints and skin. With 230mg EPA, the gummies promote flexible joints, tendon health and skin comfort.

Bone & Muscle Support:
These gummies provide ample nutrients to help you stay active and support bone, muscle and nerve function. The EPA promotes joint flexibility while the folate and B12 support energy levels and red blood cell production.

Quality You Can Trust:
Made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility following GMP guidelines. Our gummies are non-GMO, gluten free and void of any artificial colors or flavors. At our brand, we believe in purity, potency and value for our customers.

Give your body the best of what algae omega-3s have to offer. Add Sugar Free Algae Omega 3 Gummies to your routine today!


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