SP 9 LIVES Seafood Variety Pack, 5.5oz Cans (4 ct)



Treat your feline friend to an assortment of seafood flavors with this variety pack from 9 Lives. This pack contains four 5.5oz cans, each with a different recipe:

– Tuna & Mackerel dinner in a savory broth
– Salmon dinner in a delicate sauce
– Ocean Fish dinner with shrimp in a tasty broth
– Ocean Whitefish & Tuna dinner in a delicious sauce

Give your cat the gift of flavor variety with these grain-free recipes made with real seafood. The tender chunks of fish and seafood are cooked in sauces and broths for a mouthwatering meal cats love.

With four distinct recipes in one pack, you can discover your cat’s favorites and provide exciting mealtime experiences. 9 Lives is made with high-quality ingredients cats crave. Offer a tasty rotation of seafood flavors and nutrients with this variety pack.

Your feline friend deserves delicious, grain-free seafood. With 9 Lives, you can provide quality wet food and cater to your cat’s cravings. Grab this seafood variety pack today!


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