Smokin’ Hickory O.G Wahoo Ono Wild-Caught Hawaiian Fish Jerky – Hickory Smoked Umami Flavor



Taste the salty, smoky goodness of the Pacific Ocean in our Smokin’ Hickory O.G. Wahoo Ono wild-caught fish jerky. Handcrafted in Hawaii using only the freshest wahoo caught straight from the pristine waters surrounding the islands, this jerky combines age-old Hawaiian fishing traditions with modern jerkying techniques to create a flavorful, protein-packed snack you can feel good about enjoying.

Our artisan jerky masters start with premium cuts of wild-caught ono, also known as wahoo, prized by Hawaiians for its delicate, white meat texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. To complement the natural taste of the fish, we add just a touch of Hawaiian sea salt and natural liquid smoke, then slow smoke the fillets over fragrant hickory wood. This imparts the fish with a wonderfully smoky, savory taste redolent of campfire cooking.

The result is a tender, toothsome jerky bursting with rich umami flavor in every bite. With 25g of protein per 2 oz bag, this shelf-stable snack helps power you through your busy day. It also contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids thanks to the wahoo’s natural oils.

Our O.G. Wahoo Ono Jerky is:

Wild-Caught – Made from sustainably caught wahoo, an oily fish prized by Hawaiian fishermen.

Hickory Smoked – Real hardwood smoke adds deep, smoldering flavor without overpowering the delicate fish.

Umami Rich – Packed with savory, mouthwatering flavor in every piece for ultimate snacking satisfaction.

High in Protein – 25g of protein per bag helps you power through your day and aids muscle recovery.

Naturally Low Carb – Contains zero carbs or sugar. Perfect for keto, paleo and low glycemic diets.

No Artificial Ingredients – Made with only real food ingredients like Hawaiian sea salt and organic spices.

In addition to its great taste and stellar nutritionals, our O.G. Wahoo Ono Jerky is also:

Shelf-Stable – Naturally cured and preserved to stay fresh without refrigeration.

Lab Tested – Every batch is tested for quality and safety.

Hawaiian Artisan Made – Proudly crafted by jerky masters on the Big Island.

Family Owned – Produced by a homegrown Kona company since 1997.

Fair Trade – Supports sustainable livelihoods for local Hawaiian fishermen.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind the quality and taste.

Here’s what fans are saying about our outrageously delicious O.G. Wahoo Ono Jerky:

“This jerky is amazing! The smoke flavor is so good and you can really taste the quality. I’m hooked.” – James S.

“I’ve tried a lot of fish jerky but none are as tasty as this wahoo! Nice texture too – soft but still chewy.” – Sam K.

“So savory and meaty even though it’s fish. Way better than beef jerky and better for you.” – Lisa T.

“I love supporting sustainable Hawaiian fisheries. Knowing this jerky helps the local economy makes it taste even better!” – Keanu K.

Treat yourself to the ultimate Hawaiian-style snack with our Smokin’ Hickory O.G. Wahoo Ono Jerky. A burst of smoked sea salt and umami in every bite, it’s the perfecthealthy accompaniment to your next outdoor adventure or an everyday pick-me-up when hunger strikes. Click Add to Cart now to get that delicious smoky wahoo flavor delivered straight to your door.


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