Scrub Bottles Sparkling Clean with the 2-Pack Long Bottle Cleaning Brush Set



Tired of struggling to wash narrow-necked bottles? Bottles like sports water bottles, beer bottles, decanters, and vases can be difficult to scrub fully clean by hand. Dirt and grime often get stuck in hard-to-reach corners, leaving your bottles dingy.

Blast away stuck-on residue and have your bottles looking pristine again with the Long Bottle Cleaning Brush Set. These specialized brushes feature long, sturdy bristles designed specifically for scrubbing inside narrow openings.

The thin bristles flex to scrub every nook and cranny while the ergonomic handle provides control and leverage for thorough cleaning. No more annoying bottlenecks that prevent you from properly hand washing bottles.

What’s Included

Each set comes with two identical long bottle brushes, so you always have a spare on hand.

Reach Deep Inside Bottles

At 15 inches long, the bristles on this brush can penetrate deep down even in tall, narrow openings. Sports water bottles, beer bottles, wine decanters, vases, and other difficult to clean vessels are no match for these brushes.

The soft, flexible bristles contour to the shape of the bottle, scrubbing away grime on the sides, corners, and bottom. No more struggling with sponges or rags that can’t fit or properly clean.

Designed for Versatile Cleaning

While great for bottles, these brushes also clean other hard-to-reach areas like straws, glass stems, tubes, pipes, and more. Any long, narrow space is fair game for these skinny super scrubbers!

Use them for pet bottles, baby bottles, lab equipment, cocktail shakers – anything that needs deep cleaning. The brush design is safe for most surfaces.

Thorough Clean

The long bristles coupled with the ergonomic grip give you the power and control to scour away residue. Apply pressure and easily maneuver the brush to blast away dried on gunk and stuck-on grime.

No need for soaking or harsh chemicals. Just a little elbow grease with the brush handles tough cleaning jobs. Say goodbye to dirty spots in hard to access areas!

Durable Materials

The brush heads are made from firm nylon bristles that retain their shape and stand up to repeated use. The smooth plastic handles provide a comfortable, non-slip grip even when wet.

Built to last through regular cleaning sessions, these are brushes you can rely on for sparkling bottles time after time.

Maintenance Is a Breeze

Keeping your bottle brushes fresh is easy. Simply rinse under running water after each use to wash away debris. Allow to fully air dry before storing.

The quick clean process ensures the bristles remain hygienic and ready for your next cleaning task. Properly maintained, these brushes will provide service for years to come.

Versatile Around the Home

In addition to bottles, you’ll find dozens of uses for these handy brushes all around your home:

  • Clean pet water and food bowls
  • Scrub inside thermoses, hydroflasks, and tumblers
  • Remove soap scum and grime from shower heads
  • Clean inside reusable straws and cocktail stirrers
  • Remove film from glass stems and vases
  • Clean grout between bathroom and kitchen tiles

Anywhere you need to scrub in a narrow, hard to reach space, these brushes make cleaning faster and easier.

An Essential for Any Kitchen

Don’t spend another frustrated minute trying to hand wash your bottles. Quickly refresh sports water bottles, beer bottles, and wine decanters to clear, clean vessels.

Keep your home barware and kitchenware hygienic with the scrubbing power of these bottle brushes. An must-have for anyone who entertains or simply wants sparkling clean drinkware.

Order Today for Squeaky Clean Bottles

Stop struggling with subpar cleaning tools. The Long Bottle Cleaning Brush Set provides the ideal brushes for scrubbing inside bottles, decanters, tubes, and other hard-to-clean spaces. Order a set today and make cleaning frustration a thing of the past!


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