Scott’s Red Non-Pariel Topped Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (1 lb)



Surprise your favorite chocolate lover with these delicious dark chocolate covered marshmallows artfully decorated with bright red non-pariels. Brought to you by Scott’s Cakes, these handmade treats combine rich chocolate, fluffy marshmallow, and festive candy sprinkles in one incredible dessert.

Each marshmallow starts with a base of sweet, pillowy vanilla marshmallow. The marshmallow is then hand dipped in velvety smooth dark chocolate for the ultimate chocolatey coating. This chocolate is deep, rich, and intense yet not overly bitter. Just semisweet perfection.

But the true star is the vibrant red non-pariels. These crunchy candy beads add little bursts of color and texture that take the flavor experience over the top. Their subtly sweet shell pairs flawlessly with the chocolate and marshmallow.

Scott’s Cakes uses only the finest ingredients and hand makes each marshmallow to order for irresistible freshness. Approximately 20 indulgent chocolate covered marshmallows are included in every 1 pound deli container. Feel free to share or savor them all yourself!

Looking for a memorable chocolatey gift? These striking red non-pariel topped marshmallows are sure to delight. Birthdays, holidays, Valentine’s Day – the occasions are endless. The marshmallows arrive gift-ready, neatly packaged in a secure container with bow. Include a personal gift message for an extra special touch.

Crafted with Love

At Scott’s Cakes, our confectioners work with care to hand make each chocolatey marshmallow from scratch. We take pride in using traditional techniques like hand dipping and decorating to create the highest quality product. You can taste the artisan quality in every bite.

Only the Best Ingredients

From the fluffy marshmallows to the gourmet chocolate and festive non-pariels, we source only the finest ingredients. Real vanilla bean gives the marshmallows their signature melt-in-your-mouth flavor. The rich dark chocolate provides decadent cocoa depth. And the red non-pariels add the perfect touch of sweetness and crunch.

A Gift to Remember

Delight someone special with chocolate covered marshmallows they won’t soon forget. The striking red non-pariel topping makes these treats as fun to receive as they are to eat. It’s a unique gift that spreads sweetness through both its appearance and incredibly delicious flavor.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Looking for a gift to celebrate your favorite person? These chocolatey marshmallows are ideal for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, holidays, anniversaries, and any date worth commemorating with something sweet. The red non-pariels give them a festive, gift-worthy presentation. And who doesn’t love receiving chocolate as a gift?

Share the Sweetness

With 20 chocolate covered marshmallows in each 1 pound deli container, there’s plenty to go around. Enjoy them at parties, special events, and happy gatherings. Add them to a dessert tray, candy buffet, or gift basket to share the delightful flavor with family and friends. If you can bear to part with them, that is!

Shop with Confidence

Scott’s Cakes takes pride in creating the highest quality handmade confections. Every product is lovingly made fresh to order using premium ingredients. Your chocolate covered marshmallows will arrive securely packaged and ready to enjoy. Count on Scott’s Cakes for the most delicious gourmet treats that bring joy to every occasion.

Make someone smile today with these artisanal red non-pariel topped dark chocolate marshmallows. One taste and you’ll see why Scott’s Cakes delivers gifts that create lasting memories. Get your 1 pound container now while supplies last!


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