Scott’s Lavender Non-Pariel Topped Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (1 lb)



Indulge in these decadent dark chocolate covered marshmallows topped with bright lavender non-pariels from Scott’s Cakes. These sweet treats make the perfect gift for any chocolate lover in your life.

Each marshmallow is hand dipped in rich, smooth dark chocolate for a delicious coating. The dark chocolate provides the perfect amount of sweetness and bitterness to complement the light and fluffy vanilla marshmallow inside. As soon as you bite into one of these chocolatey pillows, you’ll be met with an explosion of chocolate and marshmallowy goodness.

But these aren’t just ordinary chocolate covered marshmallows. Each one is artfully decorated with a topping of vibrant lavender non-pariels. These tiny candy beads add pops of color and crunch to an already scrumptious treat. Their light sugar shell complements the chocolate and marshmallow flawlessly.

Scott’s Cakes puts care into each and every marshmallow, hand making them to order for irresistible freshness. You can really taste the quality ingredients in every bite. Each 1 pound deli container includes approximately 20 marshmallows, so there’s plenty to share. Or don’t share at all – we won’t judge!

These chocolatey marshmallows make a fantastic gift for the chocolate lover in your life. Birthdays, holidays, or even just because, any occasion is better with chocolate! The lavender non-pariels add a fun and festive touch.

For gift giving, the marshmallows come packaged in a secure deli container that’s neatly wrapped with a bow. You can even include a personalized gift message to make it extra special. The packaging ensures the marshmallows arrive in perfect condition, ready to enjoy fresh out of the box.

Hand Made with Care

At Scott’s Cakes, each chocolate covered marshmallow is lovingly hand crafted to deliver the utmost in taste and quality. Expert confectioners hand dip the marshmallows in silky smooth dark chocolate, taking care to fully coat each one. They hand place the lavender non-pariels one by one to decorate the chocolates. This artisanal approach results in an exceptional sweet treat you can see and taste.

Only the Finest Ingredients

These chocolate covered marshmallows are made using only the best ingredients available. The marshmallows are fluffy and fresh, with a melt-in-your-mouth vanilla flavor. The rich dark chocolate provides intense chocolate depth without being overly sweet. And the non-pariels feature vibrant colors and a satisfying crunch. Every component works in harmony to create a chocolatey experience like no other.

A Memorable Gift

Delight someone special with a gift they won’t soon forget. These striking lavender non-pariel topped chocolate marshmallows make a gift that’s as memorable to receive as it is to eat. The unique decoration is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. While the incredible flavor will have them savoring every sweet, chocolatey bite. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Perfect for Any Occasion

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any special date – these chocolatey marshmallows make the perfect gift for celebrating someone you love. The lavender non-pariels give these treats a fun and festive look that works for a variety of occasions. And who doesn’t love chocolate as a gift? It’s sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Share the Chocolatey Love

With 20 marshmallows in every 1 pound container, there’s plenty of chocolatey goodness to go around. Share these sweet treats at parties, events, and gatherings so more people can experience their incredible flavor. They make great additions to dessert trays, candy buffets, and gift baskets too. But you may just want to keep them all to yourself!

Order with Confidence

You can feel good about sending or gifting any item from Scott’s Cakes. Every product is hand made fresh with care and top-notch ingredients. The chocolate covered marshmallows will arrive securely packaged, ready for gifting or enjoying. Count on Scott’s Cakes for delicious gourmet treats that spread sweetness and joy.

Bring a smile to a chocolate lover’s face today with these lavender non-pariel topped dark chocolate marshmallows from Scott’s Cakes. One taste and you’ll see why these gourmet treats make such a memorable gift. Get your 1 pound deli container now while supplies last!


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