Scott’s Cakes Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows Topped with Pink and Red Nonpareils



Surprise your favorite chocolate lover with these gourmet dark chocolate covered marshmallows from Scott’s Cakes! Each fluffy marshmallow is hand-dipped in decadent dark chocolate and decorated with a sprinkle of festive pink and red nonpareils. With around 20 marshmallows per pound, this gift box provides plenty of chocolatey satisfaction.

The star ingredient is the smooth, rich dark chocolate that thoroughly coats each marshmallow. Dark chocolate provides a more intense cocoa flavor than milk chocolate, for a sophisticated treat. The creamy marshmallow interior balances out the chocolate intensity with its light sweetness and pillowy texture.

Scott’s Cakes handcrafts each component with care and quality. Plump, fresh marshmallows are chosen to ensure a soft, fluffy bite every time. Luxurious dark chocolate envelops the marshmallows for crisp, thin shells. As a final adornment, a sprinkling of pink and red nonpareils adds a pop of color and crunch.

In addition to premium ingredients, Scott’s Cakes takes pride in artisanal production. Each marshmallow is hand dipped into melted chocolate for full, even coverage. The nonpareils are then meticulously sprinkled on top as a playful finishing touch. This hands-on process results in exceptional looking and tasting gourmet chocolates.

Gift giving is made easy with these chocolate covered marshmallows. The 1 pound deli container is ideal for providing the perfect amount for sharing or savoring over multiple days. Each box ships securely so the marshmallows arrive in peak freshness. Add a personalized message for a heartfelt gift expressing gratitude, celebration, or simple appreciation.

An Elevated Classic Sweet

Chocolate covered marshmallows are a delightfully fun twist on a nostalgic classic candy. Pillowy vanilla marshmallows dipped in rich, premium chocolate makes for an indulgent treat. The chocolate marshmallow duo has been a cherished combination across many sweet treats. From s’mores to hot cocoa to candy bars, the two simply belong together.

With Scott’s Cakes gourmet version, this sweet pairing is elevated to sophistication. The use of upscale dark chocolate, rather than everyday milk chocolate, provides a more refined, less saccharine flavor. And the decoration of colorful sprinkles adds a touch of innocent playfulness. Enjoy your inner child’s classic sweet tooth while satisfying your grown up culinary standards!

Gift these nostalgic yet elevated candy confections to elicit delicious delight in all who enjoy the simple pleasures of chocolate and marshmallows. Better yet, enjoy the treat yourself – you deserve it!

Gift Giving Made Easy

Searching for a gift but don’t know where to start? Look no further than these delightful chocolate covered marshmallows from Scott’s Cakes! Arriving in a presentable deli container, these treats are ready to gift as-is. The recipient is sure to feel special when they receive this elevated twist on a classic sweet.

Because who doesn’t love chocolate and marshmallows? This combo is sure to impress chocolate aficionados and marshmallow lovers alike. The indulgent dark chocolate paired with sweet, pillowy marshmallow makes for the ultimate treat.

You can even include a personalized gift message with your order. Add a thoughtful note to make the gift extra special for birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, thank you gifts, or any occasion!

For those with dietary restrictions, dark chocolate and marshmallows are vegetarian, Kosher, and gluten free. That makes these chocolates easy to enjoy no matter your diet.

Giving the gift of chocolate elicits true joy and appreciation. Watch your loved one’s face light up when they receive this taste of luxury.

About Scott’s Cakes

Scott’s Cakes is a small business specializing in hand crafted chocolate delights. Based in the USA, all treats are lovingly made on-site using high quality ingredients. In addition to novelty chocolates like these marble covered marshmallows, Scott’s Cakes offers truffles, bark, drizzled treats, and more.

Founded by pastry chef Scott Zielinski, Scott’s Cakes infuses each and every product with chef Scott’s passion for chocolate. Scott has finely tuned his recipes over the years, opting only for premium chocolates from sustainable sources. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he expertly balances flavors and textures in each creation.

At Scott’s Cakes, delicious gourmet chocolates meet conscientious sourcing and craftsmanship. Treat yourself or share the gift of luxurious chocolate by ordering directly from Scott’s Cakes online shop. Located in the USA, Scott’s Cakes ships nationwide so you can share the joy no matter where you are.

Indulge in chocolate covered perfection with these decadent marshmallows from Scott’s Cakes!


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