Savory Spice Ultimate BBQ Spice Collection – 8 Smoking Hot Rubs & Seasonings for Grilling Kings



Fire up the smoker and prep those briskets – the Ultimate Pit Boss Spice Collection from Savory Spice has arrived to level up your backyard barbecue game. This mouthwatering set of 8 smoky, tangy, and irresistibly flavorful dry rubs and seasonings transforms you into a true grill master.

Whether you’re a steak savant, smoking enthusiast, or just love infusing some zest into your proteins, veggies, and more, these gourmet spices make cooking and grilling ridiculously delicious. Plus, with the gorgeous gift box and jars, this collection makes a fantastic gift for the pit boss in your life.

A Cave of Meaty, Smoky, Savory Flavors

The Ultimate Pit Boss Collection truly has everything needed to deliver next-level barbecue flavors:

  • Black Dust Cowboy Coffee Rub – Robust java flavors with a kick of heat
  • Hudson Bay Beef Spice – Savory blend perfect for steaks and roasts
  • Whiskey Barrel Smoked Black Pepper – Sweet and smoky peppercorn mix
  • Wash Park Garlic Pepper – Zesty, herbaceous garlic pepper rub
  • Carolina High Country BBQ Rub – Tangy, tomatoey, just like classic Carolina BBQ
  • Georgia Boys All-Purpose BBQ – Sweet and tangy Southern BBQ perfection
  • Memphis Rib Rub – Smoky, spicy, decidedly Memphis flavors
  • TSM Kansas City BBQ Rub – The perfect KC BBQ flavor profile

With this all-star lineup of rubs and spices, you’ll be equipped to deliver flawless flavors for every type of meat and cut. Brisket, ribs, pulled pork, steaks, chicken – you name it, you can cook it to mouthwatering perfection.

Craft Barbecue-Joint Worthy Flavors at Home

These aren’t just your average boring spice blends – Savory Spice loaded these rubs with incredible gourmet flavors for restaurant-quality results off your home grill or smoker.

The artfully balanced blends of spices like garlic, chili powder, cayenne, paprika, coffee, brown sugar, and more create incredibly complex layers of flavor. Generous amounts of salt and pepper ensure you get a nice crust. And the smoky undertones infuse the essence of true pitmaster barbecue.

Whether you rub it on ahead of time or sprinkle right before flipping, these spices penetration your meat for finger-licking, fall-off-the-bone barbecue deliciousness. The flavors develop magnificently as the meat cooks low-and-slow, leaving you with incredibly juicy, tender meat encrusted with craveable spice flavors.

Spice Up More Than Just Meat

While these rubs and spices shine on beef, pork, poultry, and more, their incredible flavors jazz up veggies, sides, dips, and other dishes too.

Coat your corn on the cob, potatoes, beans, or other veggies before grilling or roasting. Mix the spices into dips, dressings, sauces, and other condiments. Bake them into cornbread, pizza dough, and more. The possibilities are endless!

With 8 blends to play with, you can experiment with different savory, sweet, smoky, and spicy flavor combinations. Discover your perfect pairings!

Quality Ingredients Make a Difference

Savory Spice doesn’t cut corners. They expertly craft these spice blends using only the highest quality natural ingredients. That means:

  • Real smoked spices like paprika for authentic flavor
  • Premium quality dried herbs and chiles
  • No cheap fillers, additives, or preservatives
  • Kosher certified and gluten free
  • Hand blended in small batches for consistency

This collection truly provides gourmet backyard barbecue flavor you just can’t get from ordinary generic spice shakers. Treat your tastebuds to 8 jars stuffed with incredible smells and flavors.

The Ultimate Gift for the Grill Master

Looking for a fantastic gift for the barbecue fanatic in your life? Look no further than the Ultimate Pit Boss Spice Collection. Beautifully presented in a custom gift box, it makes the perfect present for:

  • Father’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Anniversaries
  • Housewarmings
  • Graduations
  • Groomsmen & bridal party gifts
  • And more!

Watch their eyes light up when they open the lid to find an incredible assortment of enticing, aromatic dry rubs to level up their grilling game. They’ll think of you first every time they cook up an insanely delicious masterpiece.

For the backyard pit boss who loves big, bold barbecue flavors, this is truly the ultimate gift. Grab the complete 8-jar collection and get ready for some drool-worthy, unforgettable meals!


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