Sami’s Bakery Keto-Friendly Millet and Flax Seed Bread (16 oz Loaf)



Discover the wholesome taste of Sami’s Bakery Millet and Flax Seed Bread, a deliciously nutritious low-carb loaf packed with ancient grains and omega-3s. This artisanal keto bread harnesses the nutty goodness of gluten-free millet flour blended with heart-healthy flaxseeds for a grainy texture and superfood nutrition in every slice.

At just 5g net carbs per hearty slice, this keto bread fits seamlessly into low-carb, ketogenic, and diabetic diets. The combination of millet and flax lends a mildly sweet, earthy flavor complemented by traces of honey and sea salt. Each slice delivers an bold nutty taste and crunchy seeded texture perfect for everyday sandwiches, toast, and more.

This wholesome loaf is crafted with only premium ingredients:

Organic Millet Flour – This ancient gluten-free grain boasts a mild corn-like flavor with a light crunch. Lower in carbs than traditional grains, nutrient-dense millet provides protein, fiber, antioxidants, and key minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Ground Golden Flaxseed – Flax seeds add a superfood punch with anti-inflammatory omega-3s, lignans, and fiber. These small seeds pack a major nutritional benefit, supporting heart health, digestion, weight management and more. Their subtle nutty taste perfectly complements the millet.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Quality olive oil delivers a burst of monounsaturated fats and antioxidant polyphenols to protect cells from damage. Its fruity aroma and smooth texture also enhances the bread’s flavor.

Organic Honey – Just a touch of raw honey lends natural sweetness to balance the strong millet and flax flavors. Raw honey also supplies key phytonutrients.

Himalayan Pink Salt – A sprinkle of mineral-rich salt accentuates the flavors while providing a range of trace minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

In addition to premium ingredients, Sami’s Bakery employs artisanal techniques to create the perfect low-carb loaf:

Slow Fermentation – Allowing the dough to slowly ferment over 24 hours develops complex flavors and creates a chewy, structured interior unlike traditional mass-produced breads.

Handcrafted Shaping – Each loaf is carefully hand rolled and shaped before baking to ensure an artisanal look with a dusting of millet and flax seeds.

Hearth-Style Baking – The loaves are baked directly on a stone hearth at high heat to achieve a crispy seeded crust and dense but moist interior crumb.

The result is a wholesome keto-friendly bread with incredible taste and nutrition. Enjoy this adaptable loaf for:

Sandwiches – The hearty seeded texture perfectly holds everything from deli meats to veggie spreads and avocado.

Toast – Make a fiber-rich and crunchy base for eggs, avocado toast, ricotta toast, nut butters, and preserves.

Bed for Open-Faced Tartines – Top slices with smoked salmon, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, or your favorite creative toppings.

Bread Crumbs – Whirl slices in the food processor to make your own crunchy low-carb bread crumbs for coating proteins or topping casseroles.

Croutons – Toss bread cubes with olive oil, herbs, and spices then bake into keto-friendly croutons for salads or soups.

With its incredibly low carb count, this versatile bread seamlessly fits a low-carb lifestyle. Enjoy it as part of a keto, paleo, diabetic, or gluten-free diet.

Sami’s Bakery crafts artisanal low-carb breads that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition. Their passion for ancient grains shines through in this millet and flax loaf. With a mildly sweet nutty flavor and hearty seeded texture, this loaf brings grain goodness back to the table.


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