Royal Seafood USA Black Fungus 特级精选东北特产鼠耳225g 云耳 黑木耳



Discover the versatile culinary applications of this premium black fungus from Royal Seafood USA. Known as wood ear or tree ear mushrooms, these dried fungi can be easily rehydrated and added to soups, salads, stir-fries, and more.

With a deliciously chewy texture and subtle earthy flavor, black fungus complements any dish. These mushrooms are not only tasty but nutritious. They contain B-complex vitamins, minerals like iron and zinc, and dietary fiber that supports digestion and gut health.

Royal Seafood hand selects high quality black fungus from the northeast region of China. This premium mushroom product contains no additives or preservatives. Simply rehydrate and add these wood ear mushrooms to your favorite recipes.

Embrace black fungus as a versatile and nutritious ingredient. With its culinary adaptability and potential health benefits, black fungus from Royal Seafood USA offers endless possibilities in the kitchen.


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