Rill Foods Puget Sound Style Seafood Chowder Base – 6.8oz



Experience the flavors of the Pacific Northwest with Rill Foods’ Puget Sound-style seafood chowder base. This creamy, hearty chowder base captures the essence of the Northwest’s bountiful seafood and lush landscapes.

Rill Foods’ chowder base starts with a smooth, velvety broth made from scratch with potatoes, onions, celery, carrots and savory seasonings. We blend just the right amount of cream and butter to create a rich, decadent chowder texture. Unlike some chowders that use cheap thickeners and fillers, Rill Foods relies on classic cooking techniques to craft an elevated chowder base.

To make chowder, simply add seafood, cooked bacon, and dairy of your choice. In minutes you can enjoy a restaurant-worthy chowder, crafted with care by a generations-old Pacific Northwest family business.

Retains Our “Made from Scratch” Quality

At Rill Foods, we’re devoted to making real food with simple ingredients, just like cooking at home. Our chowder starts by chopping fresh veggies and simmering them into a hearty vegetable broth.

To retain the homemade quality in packaged form, we gently concentrate the broth after cooking. This removes just enough moisture to allow convenient storage without compromising taste or texture. Before packaging, we blend in dairy to achieve a smooth, velvety chowder base.

By taking the time to start with fresh ingredients, you can taste the scratch-made quality in every spoonful of Rill Foods chowder.

Craft Your Chowder Your Way

With Rill Foods chowder base, you have total flexibility to craft your perfect chowder recipe. Add your choice of seafood – shrimp, crab, clams, smoked salmon all shine. Cooked, crispy bacon lends smoky depth. Splash in cream or milk to reach your desired richness.

Make it a hearty meal by loading the chowder up with seafood, bacon, and cream. Or go lighter with extra veggies and broth for a supple, coastal-inspired soup. however you craft it, our chowder base provides the authentic, homemade flavor.

Quality Ingredients from the Pacific Northwest

We source many of our ingredients from the fertile landscapes of the Pacific Northwest that inspire our recipes. Creamy Homer’s butter, plump potatoes, crisp Walla Walla onions, and more. We are committed to supporting local farmers and producers who pass on the bounty of this beautiful region.

We never use preservatives, artificial stabilizers, or flavors. Only real, whole food ingredients like those you would use to prepare chowder from scratch at home. Taste the wholesome difference in Rill Foods chowder base.

Versatile Base for Recipes

While Rill Foods chowder base shines as the start for clam chowder, seafood chowder, or smoked salmon chowder, it can also add flavor and richness to:

  • Potatoes – Mash it into potatoes or potato soup
  • Rice – Stir into rice pilaf or risotto
  • Vegetables – Deglaze roasted veggies or add to braised greens
  • Gravies and pan sauces – Whisk in for extra richness

With its velvety texture and savory flavor, this chowder base enhances all kinds of dishes. Keep a few containers on hand to elevate everyday meals.

Quality You Can Trust from Rill Foods

As a 3rd generation Pacific Northwest family business, quality and community are at the core of Rill Foods’ values. Our chowder base is:

  • Non-GMO – Only real, wholesome ingredients
  • Gluten-free – Safe for gluten-sensitive diets
  • Kosher – Meets top kosher food standards
  • Small batch – Produced in our family facility in batches for quality control

With Rill Foods chowder base, you can feel good bringing the pristine flavors of Puget Sound into your kitchen.

Taste the Pacific Northwest Tradition

Make chowder the easy way without sacrificing homemade quality by starting with Rill Foods’ Puget Sound-style seafood chowder base. Our generations-old family recipe delivers authentic flavor made with care. One spoonful and you’ll taste the Pacific Northwest tradition in every bite.


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