Restore Balance to Your Gut Flora with NOW Acidophilus – Probiotic Support for Overall Digestive Health



Do you suffer from occasional digestive issues like gas, bloating, or irregularity? Do you want to promote a healthy gut microbiome? NOW Acidophilus could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

With 2 billion colony forming units (CFUs) per capsule from the well-researched Lactobacillus acidophilus strain, NOW Acidophilus helps nurture healthy intestinal flora. It works to restore balance to your gut by promoting positive probiotic bacteria.

As one of the most prominent strains residing in the intestinal tract, L. acidophilus has been used as a probiotic supplement for decades. This strain verified formula can help gently recolonize your gut with good bacteria to support overall digestive health and function.

Why Choose NOW Acidophilus?

2 Billion CFUs Per Serving: Each vegan capsule provides a potent 2 billion live cultures of the L. acidophilus probiotic strain to help replenish healthy intestinal flora.

Strain Verified Formula: The L. acidophilus probiotic strain in this supplement is strain verified using cutting-edge microbial characterization technology to ensure purity and identity.

Shelf Stable Formula: Ships in stable blister packs and does not require refrigeration for stability, although refrigeration after opening is recommended.

100% Vegan & Gluten Free: Contains NO animal products or gluten. Suitable for vegans and those with gluten sensitivity.

Non-GMO and Soy Free: Produced without genetically engineered ingredients or soy.

GMP Quality Assured Facility: Manufactured in an NSF certified facility following cGMPs for purity and potency.

How Does Acidophilus Support Your Digestive System?

Found naturally in the gut, intestinal tract, mouth and vagina, Lactobacillus acidophilus is a beneficial bacteria that plays an important role in supporting digestive health in multiple ways:

– Helps restore healthy flora levels in the GI tract
– Aids digestion of lactose and casein
– Produces vitamins and enzymes that facilitate digestion
– Helps inhibit growth of harmful bacteria like E. coli and Candida yeast
– Boosts immune function and nutrient absorption
– Eases gas, bloating and occasional digestive upsets

With a balance of good and bad bacteria, your digestive system can function optimally. Stress, medications, poor diet, illness and more can disrupt that balance, allowing harmful bacteria to proliferate.

NOW Acidophilus supplements help tip the scales back in favor of the good guys! Replenishing healthy probiotic bacteria supports overall GI function and intestinal microbial balance.

How to Take NOW Acidophilus

As a dietary supplement, take 1 vegan capsule 1 to 4 times daily, preferably between meals. For best results, take on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before meals.

NOW Acidophilus can be taken with a glass of water or your favorite non-dairy beverage like coconut water or unsweetened almond milk. It can also be taken first thing in the morning and/or right before bed.

To maintain potency, we recommend storing this probiotic supplement in the refrigerator after opening. But it can also be kept in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature.

These vegetarian capsules provide 2 billion live cultures of the active L. acidophilus probiotic strain. No refrigeration is needed for stability during shipment in summers, but refrigeration after opening is ideal.

For occasional gas, bloating or digestive issues, a serving or two per day is recommended. Or take up to 4 capsules daily for more intensive probiotic support.

NOW Acidophilus can be taken safely long-term to help nurture a healthy GI microbiome and maintain positive probiotic balance. It’s even safe for pregnant and nursing mothers!

Pair with Prebiotics for Enhanced Results

For an added boost, use NOW Acidophilus in combination with a quality prebiotic supplement like NOW Prebiotic FOS.

Prebiotics fuel the growth of beneficial bacteria strains like L. acidophilus. This synergistic combination helps maximize probiotic colonization and overall intestinal health.

Experience the NOW Difference!

NOW has been a leader in the health industry for over 50 years. We’re committed to making high-quality supplements with purified ingredients at affordable prices.

Our strain verified Acidophilus utilizes the proven L. acidophilus probiotic strain in a vegan and gluten free formula. It’s produced in a cGMP facility to ensure the highest quality and potency.

Restore balance to your gut flora and support healthy digestion with NOW Acidophilus! We back this probiotic with our full satisfaction guarantee.


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