Relieve Pain and Detoxify with Nature’s Miracle Oil – Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap Kit



Soothe aching muscles, reduce inflammation, and detoxify your body with the power of castor oil. Our revolutionary castor oil pack wrap kit harnesses the therapeutic benefits of organic cold-pressed castor oil combined with the gentle heat of a flannel pack. Experience relief from pain and improved circulation as this ancient healing remedy works its magic.

Our organic cotton flannel wraps are designed for comfort and ease of use. The flexible outer layer prevents messy oil leaks so you can relax completely during your session. Two interchangeable triple-layer flannel inserts fit snugly into the pack’s pinch pockets, making it simple to position and remove. Generously sized with adjustable velcro straps, our castor oil packs contour to your body whether you’re petite or plus-size.

Castor oil’s potent anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting properties have been used since ancient times to treat a wide array of conditions. By increasing blood flow, castor oil reduces swelling in joints and muscles, eases sciatic nerve and back pain, and speeds healing of injuries. The heat magnifies these effects, allowing castor oil’s ricinoleic acid and other healing compounds to penetrate deeply into tissues.

A castor oil pack supports detoxification by stimulating lymph flow and liver function. When absorbed through the skin, castor oil causes the liver to produce higher levels of bile, which pulls toxins out of tissues and blood. As a natural laxative, it also promotes elimination of waste through the intestines. With routine use, many notice improvement in digestive issues like constipation and IBS.

Modern research confirms castor oil’s broad therapeutic potential. Studies demonstrate its ability to fight skin infections, reduce arthritic swelling, improve circulation, treat menstrual disorders and ease asthma symptoms when applied topically. Clinical studies also indicate oral castor oil boosts immune function in HIV patients.

Give your body the natural healing it craves with our complete castor oil pack kit:

  • Organic cold-pressed castor oil – 120ml
  • Reusable wrap with leakproof outer layer and pinch pockets
  • Two triple-layer organic cotton flannel inserts
  • Adjustable velcro closure straps

Directions for Use:

Preparing your skin: Gently cleanse and dry the area where you’ll apply the pack. For best absorption, brush the skin lightly with a dry brush or buff with a towel.

Heating the pack: Submerge the flannel insert in castor oil until saturated then wring out excess. To warm, place the oiled flannel in a glass dish and microwave 15-30 seconds. Test temperature before applying. You can also heat pack by placing oiled flannel in a pan of hot water.

Positioning the pack: Insert the flannel into the wrap’s pockets. Place oiled side down over desired area. Wrap straps comfortably around your body and secure velcro. Recline and relax during the treatment.

Duration: For most conditions, apply the castor oil pack for 30-60 minutes at a time. Use daily or several times per week. For acute pain, you can leave the pack on for up to 2 hours.

Cleanup: Once finished with your session, remove flannel insert from wrap. Wash any residual oil from skin with soap and warm water. Launder used flannel insert before reusing.


  • Use a towel or plastic wrap under you to protect furniture/clothing from oil drips.
  • Rest with pack on abdomen to relieve constipation or menstrual cramps.
  • Apply to joints or muscles for arthritis, injuries, fibromyalgia.
  • Place on chest or sinuses to decongest lungs and airways.

Give the ancient therapeutic powers of castor oil a try today. Our reusable organic castor oil pack wraps provide a convenient mess-free way to benefit from hot castor oil applications in the comfort of home. Experience natural relief from chronic aches, pains, and inflammation. See why this traditional healing method remains a trusted remedy after centuries of use.


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