Rejuvenate Mind and Body with Bloom’s Aromatherapy Shower Steamer Variety Pack



Find your happy place with Bloom’s Aromatherapy Shower Steamer Variety Pack. This set of 6 individually wrapped shower steamers provides a soothing sensorial escape right in your own shower. Simply place a tablet in the corner of your tub before turning on the hot water, and let the aroma fill the steamy air as the natural essential oils are released. It’s like bringing the luxury spa experience home!

Pamper Yourself with Aromatherapy Benefits

Each shower tablet contains a unique blend of essential oils known for their therapeutic aromatherapy benefits. Breathe in eucalyptus and mint to clear sinuses, unwind with calming lavender and chamomile, start your day with an energizing citrus kick, and more. As the steamer dissolves, potent essential oils are released to provide a total sensory experience. The scents will relax your mind, ease tension, and transport you to a peaceful state of bliss.

Long Lasting Formulation for Maximum Relaxation

Bloom’s shower steamers are specially formulated to slowly dissolve and last longer than standard bath bombs. As the hot shower runs, the tablet will fizz and release essential oils for your entire soak. Each steamer provides at least 10 minutes of aromatherapy but can last even longer. Enjoy luxuriously long-lasting fragrance and relaxation without products that fizzle out too quickly.

Nourish Your Skin as You Unwind

While the aromatherapy soothes your senses, the steam works to open pores and nourish skin. As you breathe in the therapeutic essential oils, the moisture-rich steam hydrates and replenishes skin for a glowing complexion. It’s like a spa facial treatment in your own home! The shower steamers even help clear nasal and lung congestion, leaving you fully rejuvenated.

Set of 6 Tablets with Assorted Aromatherapy Scents

The variety pack includes:

  • Eucalyptus & Mint – Clear sinuses and promote easy breathing
  • Citrus – Energize and uplift your mood
  • Lavender – Unwind and relieve stress
  • Jasmine – Sensual floral for confidence and grace
  • Bergamot – Reduce anxiety and nervous tension
  • Chamomile – Soothe your mind and encourage restful sleep

With 6 tablets each providing a different aromatherapy experience, you can customize each shower to your needs and mood. Try them all to find your favorites!

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Bloom shower steamers are crafted in the USA using natural essential oils and ingredients ethically sourced from around the world. The formulas contain no harsh chemicals and are safe for septic systems. Simply enjoy, then relax knowing the product is earth-friendly and good for your body and the environment.

Gift-Worthy Packaging for Any Occasion

Housed in a beautifully designed gift box with foil stamping, this aromatherapy set makes a perfect gift for just about any special occasion. Surprise your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, treat Mom to relaxation on Mother’s Day, help your sister de-stress after work, or give the gift of luxury to loved ones just because. The shower steamers are also ideal stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, and more.

Give the Gift of Peace and Tranquility

In our busy modern world, taking time for self-care is so important for health and wellbeing. Give the gift of relaxation with Bloom’s thoughtfully crafted aromatherapy shower steamers. The natural essential oils and gorgeous packaging make it a gift anyone will appreciate. Just add hot water and escape the everyday into a peaceful, sensorial spa experience.


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