Reach Every Corner with This Rotating Window Cleaning Kit – Streak-Free Shine for All Your Glass Surfaces



Tired of streaky windows and dirty shower doors? Our rotating window cleaning kit is the solution you’ve been searching for. With an adjustable stainless steel handle, rotating squeegee head, microfiber scrub pads, and more, this kit has everything you need for sparkling clean windows and glass.

Rotates to Reach Every Spot

The rotating squeegee head is the star of this window cleaning kit. With the press of a button, it rotates a full 360 degrees to 7 different positions. This enables you to easily reach every corner and edge of your windows, shower doors, vehicle windshields, and any other glass surface. No more struggling with hard to reach spots!

Professional-Grade Squeegee for Streak-Free Shine

The extra-wide 12 inch squeegee blade is made of top-quality rubber with precisely honed edges. This creates the smooth, even glide you need to wipe every last droplet and leave a crystal clear, streak-free shine. Say goodbye to annoying streaks and spots!

Scrub Away Stubborn Grime and Gunk

Before squeegeeing, use the 11 inch microfiber scrub pad to prep your glass. It connects to the T-bar handle to quickly wash away stubborn dirt, grime, soap scum, and more. The microfiber gently lifts dirt without scratching. Leave your glass pristine!

Customizable Handle Reaches High or Cleans Low

Our adjustable handle assembles in sections, so you can create the perfect length for comfort and ease of use. Use the full 59 inch length for easily cleaning exterior second story windows. Or remove sections to clean hard-to-reach spots inside the shower.

Complete Kit Has All You Need

This window washing kit comes with:

– 12 inch rubber squeegee blade
– 11 inch microfiber scrub pad (2 pack)
– T-bar pad handle
– 59 inch adjustable stainless steel handle
– Bonus microfiber cleaning cloth

With everything packed in a convenient canvas bag, you’ll be ready to tackle windows anywhere.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Design

This kit cuts down on waste by relying on reusable microfiber pads instead of paper towels. Simply toss the pads into the washing machine after use. You can use them over and over.

Shiny Clean Windows Are Just a Few Steps Away

1. Attach scrub pad to T-bar handle and soak it in your cleaning solution. Scrub glass surface to loosen dirt and grime.

2. Rinse pad and swap it out for the squeegee head. Wipe surface to a sparkling, streak-free finish.

3. Rotate squeegee to easily reach every spot. Extend handle as needed.

4. Remove pads and squeegee to toss in the wash. Hang to dry.

One Year Guarantee

We stand behind our window washing kits 100%. That’s why every purchase is backed by a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Don’t struggle with dirty windows and glass doors any longer. Get the rotating window cleaning kit that makes it fast and easy. Order now to enjoy cleaner, clearer glass in every room!


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