Pumice Stones for Toilet Bowls – 8 Pack with Handle for Scrubbing Away Stubborn Stains



Tackle the toughest toilet bowl stains with this 8 pack of pumice stone toilet scrubbers. The coarse, porous texture of natural pumice is ideal for scraping away rust, limescale and hard water rings other bowl brushes leave behind. Just hold the durable plastic handle and gently rub the stone over stained porcelain. Flush away grime for a sparkling clean bowl in minutes.

Heavy-Duty Pumice Easily Removes Stubborn Toilet Grime

Porcelain toilet bowls are prone to staining from mineral deposits in tap water as well as rust and limescale buildup. Typical nylon toilet scrub brushes simply move the dirty water around without penetrating set-in rings and hard water stains.

The abrasive, holes-filled structure of volcanic pumice stone provides the scrubbing power needed to scrub away this tough grime. The coarse texture won’t scratch porcelain like harsh chemicals and abrasives that damage the protective glaze.

Use with Your Favorite Cleaner for Maximum Cleaning Power

While pumice alone will tackle many toilet stains, you can enhance cleaning by pairing it with your preferred liquid toilet bowl cleaner. Apply cleaner as directed, let it set for the recommended dwell time, then use the pumice stone to agitate and provide extra scouring action. The foaming cleaner will seep into hard-to-reach crevices as you scrub.

Handle Protects Hands and Provides Control

Unlike pumice stones without any handle, the built-in hand grip allows you to apply downward pressure and fully scrub the bowl without messy direct hand contact. No need for rubber gloves!

The extended handle also lets you maneuver the pumice into hard-to-reach spots under the toilet rim to remove every last bit of grime.

Regular Use Prevents Staining and Buildup

Toilets stay cleaner longer when you periodically scrub away stains before they have a chance to set and harden. Make it part of your regular cleaning routine to give the bowl a quick once-over with a pumice stone in between deep cleanings.

The long-lasting pumice can be used daily, weekly or whenever you notice rings starting to form. Catching buildup early prevents the need for repeat scrubbings or harsh chemicals to blast away set-in stains.

Rinse and Air Dry Pumice Between Uses

After each use, give the pumice stone a quick rinse under running water to rinse away any residual grime. Make sure to completely air dry the stone before storing to prevent any musty smells.

The natural pumice is durable enough for multiple uses. With proper care, each stone can be used for several months before needing replacement.

Majestic Natural Material

Mined from volcanoes, pumice forms when hot lava and water mix together. As the lava hardens, it creates a lightweight, sponge-like structure full of air bubbles and holes. This porous material acts like a mild abrasive to scour surfaces.

Using natural pumice stone is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to harsh chemical cleaners. It requires no batteries or electricity and can be easily recycled once its cleaning life is over.

Multiple Uses Beyond Toilet Cleaning

Don’t throw out your pumice stones just because the toilet is clean! The versatile scrubbers can be used on additional household surfaces:

  • Bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Grout lines
  • Sinks
  • Showers and tubs
  • Outdoor grills
  • Garbage cans

Pumice is slightly abrasive while still gentle enough for these finishes. Just be sure to avoid using on delicate surfaces.

Add the 8-pack of pumice toilet scrubbers to your cleaning toolkit and tackle the toughest grime with ease!


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