Propel Powder Packets – Refreshing Zero Sugar Electrolyte Drink Mix



Rehydrate and Replenish with 3 Refreshing Flavors

Stay hydrated and energized with Propel Powder Packets. This 50 count variety pack includes 3 delicious sugar-free flavors to keep your tastebuds happy. Each easy-to-use powder packet simply mixes with water for a refreshing, electrolyte-boosted beverage on the go.

The pack includes 20 Watermelon, 20 Black Cherry, and 10 Grape powder packets so you can switch up the flavors throughout your week. With zero sugar and only 10 calories per packet, you can quench your thirst without the added calories.

Electrolytes to Replenish What You Lose

Propel Powder Packets contain the key electrolytes – sodium and potassium – to help replenish what’s lost through sweat. Electrolytes are essential minerals that play a key role in keeping the body hydrated and muscles working properly.

When you exercise, you lose electrolytes through perspiration. Replenishing these minerals helps your body retain fluid, maintain energy levels, and avoid muscle cramping. Propel Powder Packets provide an easy way to replace electrolytes without having to choke down a sugary sports drink.

Excellent Source of Antioxidant Vitamins

In addition to electrolytes, each Propel packet is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins C and E. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that can damage cells. Vitamins C and E also support immune health.

The packets also contain vitamin B for energy production and heart health. The added vitamins give you an extra nutrient boost and differentiate Propel from traditional electrolyte-only drinks.

Zero Sugar Keeps Calories Low

Propel Powder Packets are naturally flavored and contain zero sugar. Each packet has just 10 calories, perfect for keeping your calorie intake under control.

The zero sugar formula avoids the blood sugar spikes and crashes caused by sugary sports drinks. You get all the rehydration benefits without unnecessary calories or artificial sweeteners.

Convenient Packets – Just Add Water

The single-serve stick packs make Propel perfect for on-the-go hydration. No measuring or mess – simply pour one packet into a 16.9oz water bottle, shake or stir, and you’ve got a refreshing drink in seconds.

Keep packs stashed in your gym bag, desk drawer, car, or backpack. The lightweight packets are ideal for taking to the office, traveling, hiking, cycling, golfing, camping, and other activities.

Highly Rated and Trusted Brand

Propel Powder Packets are brought to you by Gatorade, the #1 Sports Drink brand. Gatorade was formulated in 1965 by University of Florida scientists to deliver hydration and electrolytes to their football players.

Today, Gatorade has grown into a globally recognized sports nutrition brand backed by decades of scientific research. Propel Powder Packets contain Gatorade’s proven electrolyte formula with added nutrients and zero sugar.

Customers love the convenience, taste, and hydration benefits of Propel Powder Packets. Over 25,000 Amazon reviewers give these drink mixes a 4.7 out of 5 star overall rating.

Benefits of Propel Powder Packets:

  • Contains sodium & potassium electrolytes
  • Excellent source of vitamins B, C, & E
  • Zero sugar and only 10 calories per packet
  • 3 refreshing sugar-free flavors
  • Easy single-serve powder packets
  • Trusted brand with rave reviews

Refresh, rehydrate, and replenish with Propel Powder Packets. Mix up your favorite sugar-free flavors and enjoy the electrolyte boost anytime, anywhere. Grab a variety pack today to fuel your active lifestyle!


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