Platinumswaen IREKS SAUER MALT ACIDULATED Malt – 1 LB Uncrushed for Brewing Delightfully Tart Sour Beers



Brewing flavorful sour beers requires lowering the mash pH to achieve the perfect tartness. With Platinumswaen IREKS Sauer Malt Acidulated Malt, you can easily create bright, complex sour beers right at home. This versatile malt is pre-acidified to drop the pH and accentuate sour flavors.

Acidulated malt provides several benefits for homebrewers looking to craft unique Berliner Weisses, Gose styles, or Flanders sours:

  • Lowers the mash pH for ideal sour beer fermentation
  • Intensifies tart, fruity flavors
  • Lightens color for very pale sour beers
  • Enhances stability and shelf life
  • Improves mash efficiency for higher OG worts

With an acidity level of 57, pH of 4.2, and light color of 1.4-5 Lovibond, this malt creates the perfect base for brewing sharply acidic sour ales. The bright, clean malt flavor lets the natural tartness shine through.

The Perfect Ingredient for Brewing Sour Beers at Home

Acidulated malt is produced by soaking base malt in lactic acid solution. This pre-acidification lowers the pH of the mash, allowing you to skip costly lactic acid additions. The optimized pH environment enhances the souring effects of lactobacillus bacteria for intensely tart beers.

The specialty malts used to produce this acidulated malt have higher enzymatic power. This boosts mash efficiency so you can achieve higher original gravity worts, resulting in well-attenuated sour beers with the desired alcohol content.

With a typical usage rate of 5-10% of the total grain bill, this malt provides just the right tartness without overpowering other ingredients. The pale malt base retains a light color so the beers finish bright and clear.

Whether you want to recreate a classic Berliner Weisse or experiment with a new Gose recipe, this versatile malt simplifies the process of crafting incredible sour beers at home.

Unlock New Styles of Tart, Fruity Sour Beers

The unique properties of acidulated malt open up possibilities for homebrewers to explore exciting new sour beer styles:

  • Berliner Weisse – Very pale, low alcohol German wheat beer, intensely sour and refreshing.
  • Gose – Tart and salty wheat ale originating in Goslar, Germany, often with coriander.
  • Flanders Red – Fruity, malt-forward sour ale from Belgium.
  • Oud Bruin – Dark brown Belgian sour ale with rich caramel flavors.
  • Lambic – Uniquely sour and funky Belgian ale fermented with wild yeast.

The acidity enhances the crisp, dry finish of lighter sour ales while complementing maltiness in amber and brown sours. Blending a portion of acidulated malt into any recipe will introduce delicious tart notes.

You can even use it in small amounts in stouts and porters to increase complexity. For very sour styles like Berliner Weisse, increase the ratio up to 10% for intense acidity.

Brewing with Acidulated Malt

Brewing with acidulated malt is easy since it can be used just like any other base malt. Here are some tips for incorporating into your recipes:

– Mill along with the rest of the grain bill. The uncrushed malt simplifies storage.

– For most styles, use 5-10% of the total grain weight. Up to 10% for very sour beers.

– Mash per your usual routine. The incorporated lactic acid will naturally lower the pH.

– Consider adding sour bacteria like lactobacillus for intense tartness.

– Feel free to use normal Saccharomyces brewer’s yeast. The malt provides enough acidity on its own.

– Add at the start of the mash for full pH lowering effect. Add later for subtle accent notes.

With the Platinumswaen acidulated malt, you’ll be able to craft incredible Berliner Weisses, fruit-forward Flanders Reds, and refreshingly tart sours to impress your fellow homebrewers.

Experience the Platinumswaen Advantage

Platinumswaen sources the finest malts from renowned maltsters like IREKS Germany to provide homebrewers with premium ingredients. Their specialty malts are hand-selected for consistent quality and flavor.

This malt delivers predictable results batch after batch so you can dial in recipes for your ideal sour beers. With the included brewing instructions and recommended usage rates, first-time sour brewers can create amazing results right away.

Experience the difference of Platinumswaen’s quality and freshness for yourself. With their dedicated customer support team, you can get help tailoring recipes to your taste and brewing system.

Unlock your full sour beer brewing potential with the Platinumswaen Advantage!


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