Paleo AIP Breading Mix – Cassava Root & Seasonings for Keto & Autoimmune Protocol Diets



Enjoy your favorite fried foods without the guilt thanks to this versatile Paleo breading mix. Specially formulated to be AIP compliant, this breading is perfect for Paleo, keto, gluten-free and autoimmune protocol diets.

The base is made from dried cassava root to achieve a crispy coating when baked or air fried. Cassava is a permitted Paleo and AIP ingredient that provides carbohydrates without inflammatory effects.

Simply mix the breading with egg and your choice of protein or veggies. Then bake or air fry to get a satisfying crunch without unhealthy oils. Ditch the processed flour and enjoy home cooking again with this nourishing breading.

AIP Compliant Ingredients

This Paleo breading contains only AIP approved ingredients:

– Cassava Root – Provides texture and crunch without gluten grains. Cassava is a root vegetable low in antinutrients.

– Himalayan Pink Salt – Adds flavor and essential minerals like magnesium and potassium.

– Onion Powder – Dehydrated onion adds savory flavor. Onions are part of an AIP diet.

– Garlic Powder – Dried garlic brings a delicious flavor kick. Garlic is AIP compliant.

– Oregano – This aromatic herb packs a punch of flavor and is AIP approved.

– Basil – Sweet basil complements the other herbs and spices perfectly.

– Sage – Earthy, savory sage balances the other seasonings.

That’s it! No hidden ingredients or unhealthy additives. This breading mix is free of sugar, MSG, preservatives and anti-caking agents.

Versatile Paleo & Keto Breading

Use this as a versatile breading for frying, baking or air frying all your favorite Paleo and keto foods including:

– Chicken Tenders & Cutlets
– Pork Chops & Cutlets
– Fish Fillets & Sticks
– Shrimp & Seafood
– Onion Rings
– Zucchini Fries
– Avocado Fries
– Mushrooms
– Cauliflower Bites
– Eggplant

The mild seasoning blend adds flavor without overpowering the main ingredient. Adjust the salt or spice to your taste.

Ditch the unhealthy store-bought breadcrumbs and enjoy the fresh flavors of real food again. This mix revitalizes your protein and veggies with a satisfying crunch.

Guilt-Free Fried Food

Fried foods don’t have to be unhealthy. This clever breading lets you bread and “fry” your favorite treats without messy oils.

Simply coat in an egg wash, then dredge in the breading. Bake in the oven at 425°F or air fry until golden brown and crispy.

The cassava flour perfectly replicates the texture of flour breading without the inflammatory effects of grain flours. Bake or air fry for a crunchy crust without the guilt.

Nourishing Whole Food Ingredients

Paleo Powder carefully crafts products to nourish your body, not harm it. This breading contains:

🌱 Gluten-Free – No inflammatory grains

🥕 No Added Sugar – Just natural sweetness from the carrots and spices

🧂 No MSG – No artificial flavors or additives

🙅‍♂️ Non-GMO – Only real, whole foods

Our seasonings are made from real dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spices. This creates a flavorful, AIP compliant breading blend focusing on nutrient density.

Better Health Through Nutrition

This breading mix makes healthy eating simple and delicious. Our products aim to heal bodies and optimize wellbeing through proper nutrition.

We avoid ingredients that commonly trigger inflammation or reactions. Our mixes provide nourishment to help your body thrive.

A healthy diet should make you feel better, not worse. Ditch the dopiness, bloating and discomfort from gluten, oils, and additives. Regain energy and live life to the fullest!

Quality You Can Trust

Made in the USA following strict quality standards. Our facility and all ingredients are continually inspected to ensure safety and purity.

Our team carefully sources the highest quality spices, herbs and vegetables. We mill and mix in small batches to ensure freshness and consistency.

Ouringredient supply chain is 100% transparent so you know exactly what’s inside. We proudly stand behind our products to give you peace of mind.

Improve your health starting today with wholesome, nourishing foods. Add this versatile paleo breading mix to your cart now!


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