Omaha Steaks Grilling Package with Premium Meats



Make your next backyard barbecue one to remember with the Omaha Steaks Grilling Essentials Package. This mouthwatering assortment includes premium butcher’s cut filet mignons, juicy burgers, plump franks, savory chicken breasts, and decadent sides and desserts. With Omaha Steaks’ 100+ years of experience selecting and aging quality meats, you can trust every bite will deliver on flavor.

The four tender, flavorful filet mignons are cut from the heart of the tenderloin for a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Grill them to medium-rare doneness for the ultimate steakhouse experience at home. The package also includes four hearty, juicy burgers made from a proprietary blend of ground beef sirloin and tenderloin. Fire up the grill and get ready for big, bold burger flavor.

No summer cookout is complete without hot dogs, and Omaha Steaks’ jumbo franks are a cut above standard dogs. Plump and robustly seasoned, they deliver old-fashioned hot dog goodness from the first satisfying snap of the natural casing to the last bite.

In addition to premium Omaha Steaks meats, this package provides everything you need for an amazing backyard feast. The scalloped potatoes offer homestyle comfort that’s ready to heat and eat. The juicy, boneless chicken breasts cook up fast on the grill with delicious results. Refreshing caramel apple tartlets provide the perfect sweet finish. An Omaha Steaks seasoning blend adds signature flavor to anything off the grill.

Omaha Steaks’ century-long legacy started as a humble butcher shop in 1917. Today, as a family-owned company, they continue to hand-select and custom-age premium beef, using master grillers to test every product. You can taste the passion and pride in every bite.

Fire up the Grill with Omaha Steaks

The filet mignons, burgers, and franks in this package are at their very best cooked over a hot grill. The filets offer melt-in-your-mouth richness enhanced by smoky grill flavor. Charred outside and juicy inside, the burgers deliver hearty backyard satisfaction. Get snap and sizzle on the plump franks for full backyard fun.

While the grill heats, prepare the scalloped potatoes and tartlets. Pre-cooked, the savory potatoes just need a quick oven warm-up, and the tartlets thaw for fast dessert gratification. Grill the boneless chicken breasts, basting with the Omaha Steaks seasoning for extra flavor.

In 15-20 minutes, you’ll have a full grill-ready feast. Mouthwatering filet mignons, big and bold burgers, plump juicy franks, tender chicken, savory potatoes, and sweet treats. It’s everything needed for an amazing barbecue experience with family and friends.

The Perfect Meats for Grilling

The filet mignons included in this Omaha Steaks package represent the pinnacle of grilling excellence. Cut from the tenderloin, they offer sublime texture and succulent flavor that intensifies over a hot grill. The filets are hand-selected and aged to enhance natural taste. Grill to medium rare doneness for steaks that melt in your mouth.

Burgers are a staple of summer grilling, and Omaha Steaks’ premium patties take backyard burgers to new heights. Crafted from a signature blend of ground sirloin and tenderloin, the juicy, robust burgers deliver big, satisfying flavor and enough heft to stand up to any topping.

Plump, robust franks are what hot dog dreams are made of. Omaha Steaks’ gourmet jumbo franks feature premium beef seasoned to perfection. The natural casings snap when bitten, giving way to juicy, smoky satisfaction.

Grilling chicken can often leave it dry, but that won’t happen with Omaha Steaks’ boneless breasts. They cook up tender and moist, with grill marks adding appetizing charred flavor. Baste with the included seasoning for even more taste sensations.

A Full Backyard Feast

This Omaha Steaks package truly provides everything needed for an amazing cookout from appetizer through dessert. The premium meats offer indulgent, craveable flavors hot off the grill. Meanwhile, the scalloped potatoes and apple tartlets make for hearty, wholesome sides.

Imagine the mouthwatering aromas filling the air as the filet mignons sizzle, burgers grill, and chicken breasts caramelize. The savory potatoes warm in the oven while the desserts thaw. Iced tea or lemonade in hand, fun, food, and friends enjoyed in the languid days of summer. It’s the backyard barbecue you’ve been daydreaming about, now made deliciously easy.

Omaha Steaks’ century of excellence means putting premium beef on tables across America. Treat your family and friends to the very best taste of summer with the Omaha Steaks Grilling Essentials Package.


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