Old Wisconsin Premium Beef Summer Sausage, 8 Oz



Savory Smoked Beef Sausage for High Protein Snacking

For a hearty protein snack packed with old-world flavor, sink your teeth into Old Wisconsin Premium Beef Summer Sausage. Crafted from 100% premium beef generously seasoned and slowly smoked over real hardwood, this shelf-stable sausage delivers incredible beefy flavor in every satisfying bite.

Made with 100% High-Quality Beef

At Old Wisconsin, we make summer sausage the traditional way from whole muscle cuts of lean beef. Unlike many big commercial brands loaded with mystery meats and fillers, our recipe contains just one simple ingredient – beef. You’ll taste the difference in the rich, meaty flavor.

Packed with Protein

With 8 grams of protein per serving, this robust sausage provides the lasting fuel to power you through your day. Keep one handy in your desk drawer for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon protein pick-me-up, toss one in your bag for a hearty snack on the go, or enjoy as part of a high protein meal or appetizer.

Zero Carbs for Keto-Friendly Snacking

Following a low carb or keto eating plan? Old Wisconsin Premium Beef Summer Sausage makes the perfect high fat, zero carb snack. The ideal keto-friendly food, it helps keep you feeling full and focused without spiking blood sugar.

Naturally Hardwood Smoked Flavor

We use only the finest spices and seasonings to complement the beefy flavor, then slowly smoke over a blend of cherry and maple wood, imparting a deliciously smoky taste. The savory, smoked flavor profile is reminiscent of summer sausage handcrafted in old-world butcher shops.

Gluten-Free and No Added MSG

Many savory snacks and cured meats contain hidden sources of gluten and MSG that can cause adverse reactions, but our Beef Summer Sausage contains no wheat, rye or barley and has no added MSG. Feel good about enjoying the hearty smoked flavor.

Shelf-Stable for On-the-Go Snacking

Thanks to the smoking and curing process, Old Wisconsin Premium Summer Sausage is shelf-stable, meaning no refrigeration is required until after opening. Stash one in your glove box, camping gear, tackle box or wherever your adventures take you.

Quality Snacking for the Whole Family

The delicious smoked flavor makes our premium summer sausage a tasty protein-packed snack adults and kids alike will devour. Bring to parties or keep a stash in the fridge for quick protein when hunger strikes.

Delicious Snacking Versatility

– Enjoy straight out of the packaging for an easy anytime snack.

– Slice thin and eat with crackers for a protein-packed charcuterie board.

– Dice and add to scrambled eggs, pizza, salads, baked potatoes, and more.

– Pack in lunches or road trip snacks for hearty flavor on the go.

– Serve on a relish tray with cheese, olives, nuts and other favorites.

Premium Snacking Satisfaction

For authentic old-world flavor in a protein-packed snack, choose Old Wisconsin Premium Beef Summer Sausage. The rich, smoky taste will transport your taste buds and provide satisfying snacking enjoyment.


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