Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks, 5 Oz



Savor the True Taste of Smoked Beef with Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks

Looking for a tasty, portable protein snack? Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks deliver a savory smoked beef flavor in a slim and easy to eat stick. Made with 100% beef and real hardwood smoked, these gluten free sticks are bursting with smoky, meaty flavor in every bite. With no added MSG, binders, fillers or extenders, this is pure protein snack perfection.

Superior Quality All Meat Snack Sticks

At Old Wisconsin, we make snack sticks the right way. Starting with premium cuts of lean beef, we slowly smoke each batch over real hardwood to impart that unmistakable smoky flavor. Unlike some other stick snacks loaded with processed ingredients, Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks contain one simple ingredient – beef. With 5 grams of protein per serving, these robust, meaty sticks deliver the protein punch your busy lifestyle demands.

Traditional Smoky Flavor from Natural Spices and Real Hardwood Smoke

Inspired by traditional butcher shop recipes, Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks are seasoned to perfection with a special blend of spices like black pepper, garlic and onion. Then they are naturally smoked for up to 10 hours over a mix of cherry and maple wood. This slow smoking process infuses the sticks with a rich, smoky flavor you’ll taste in every satisfying bite.

Convenient Ready-to-Eat Portable Protein

Stay fueled on-the-go with the slim sticks that slide easily into your pocket or bag. Unlike bulky protein bars or shakes, these handy sticks are ideal for snacking at the office, tossing in your gym bag, or packing in school lunches. Bring them along hiking, camping or wherever your adventures take you.

Quality Snacks the Whole Family Will Love

A tasty protein boost the whole crew will devour, Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks make an ideal snack for adults and kids alike. Far healthier than high-sodium luncheon meats, these better-for-you sticks will satisfy cravings for something savory and fulfilling. Non-GMO and containing no artificial flavors or colors, you can feel good about keeping your family fueled.

Tips for Enjoying Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks

– Enjoy straight from the fridge for a cool, hearty snack

– Pack in bento boxes or lunch bags for work and school

– Toss in your gym bag for a protein punch pre or post workout

– Take along hiking, camping, fishing or any outdoor adventure

– Serve on a relish tray for parties or game day

– Chop up and add to salads, omelets or pizza for a protein boost

– Slice thin and enjoy on crackers or bread for an easy appetizer

Superior Snacking Satisfaction

When you are seeking a hearty, protein-packed snack without the added junk, reach for Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks. With their perfectly seasoned smoked beef flavor, these slim sticks deliver tasty snacking satisfaction. Try all the Old Wisconsin natural snack sticks to find your favorites.


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