NOW Supplements Super Primrose – Naturally Occurring GLA for Women’s Health & Skin



Discover the natural power of evening primrose oil with NOW Supplements Super Primrose 1300 mg. Each softgel delivers 1300 mg of this Omega-6 essential fatty acid to support women’s health, maintain balanced immune function, and promote healthy-looking skin.

Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid found in only a few plant sources like borage and black currant seed oils. GLA plays a critical role in maintaining the immune system and supporting women’s health. Studies show that taking evening primrose oil supplements can help balance hormones, ease PMS symptoms, and improve skin hydration and elasticity.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil:

Supports Women’s Health: GLA helps regulate prostaglandin synthesis which influences menstrual cycle comfort and symptoms associated with PMS and menopause. Taking evening primrose oil regularly can help relieve breast pain, cramps, bloating, and mood swings.

Promotes Healthy-Looking Skin: Essential fatty acids like GLA help form the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. Supplementing with evening primrose oil improves skin moisture, firmness, and texture by keeping cells hydrated and plump.

Strengthens Immune Defenses: GLA supports the body’s natural inflammatory response. Maintaining optimal levels can enhance immune function to help you stay healthy.

Eases Joint Discomfort: The anti-inflammatory action of evening primrose oil can minimize achy joints and muscles associated with arthritis or overuse. GLA helps improve circulation delivering nutrients for repair.

Supports Heart Health: Omega-6 fatty acids help balance cholesterol levels and blood pressure when paired with a healthy lifestyle. GLA promotes circulatory health to benefit your heart.

NOW Super Primrose Oil Advantage

NOW Super Primrose softgels provide 1300 mg of evening primrose oil in each easy-to-swallow softgel. It is an excellent non-GMO, vegetarian source of essential fatty acids. NOW follows cGMP standards and tests every batch for purity and potency.

There are 120 softgels in each bottle, so you get a two month supply when following the recommended dosage of 1 to 2 softgels daily.NOW Super Primrose is:

– Cold Pressed – Oil extracted without high heat maintains nutrients
– Non-GMO – Not genetically modified
– Soy-Free – Free of soy allergens
– Gluten-Free – Does not contain gluten
– Hexane-Free – Hexane is not used in the extraction process

NOW Super Primrose pairs perfectly with fish oils or other omega supplements as part of a balanced nutritional regimen. Add it to your cart today to nourish your body with essential fatty acids for women’s health, beauty and immune support the natural way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is evening primrose oil good for?

The gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in evening primrose oil has hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, and skin enhancing effects in the body. It is commonly used to ease PMS symptoms, improve mild skin conditions like eczema, and relieve joint pain.

When should you take evening primrose oil?

The benefits of evening primrose oil are most noticeable when taken consistently. It’s best to take 1 to 2 softgels daily with food to maintain optimal levels of essential fatty acids. Evening primrose oil is safe to take long term.

Can you take evening primrose oil on an empty stomach?

It’s best to take evening primrose oil softgels with a meal. Fatty acids are absorbed optimally when you eat some fat or protein. Taking supplements with food also minimizes any potential stomach upset.

How long does it take for evening primrose oil to work?

You may start to notice subtle benefits of evening primrose oil within 2 to 4 weeks if taken consistently. Maximum immune boosting, hormone balancing, and anti-inflammatory effects are usually experienced after 3 to 6 months.

Can evening primrose oil delay your period?

Evening primrose oil helps balance hormones and minimize PMS symptoms, but it does not commonly cause period delays. However, your cycle may normalize after taking it for several months. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about abnormal bleeding.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take evening primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil supplements are generally considered safe for most people. But you should avoid it if you take blood thinning medications or have a bleeding disorder. Check with your doctor before taking evening primrose oil if you have a health condition or take any medications. Stop use if you experience unusual bleeding or bruising.

Can you take too much evening primrose oil?

When taken as recommended, evening primrose oil does not typically cause adverse effects. Consuming high doses may increase chances of bruising and bleeding risk. Stick within the suggested dosage of 1 to 2 softgels daily unless directed otherwise by your healthcare provider.

Discover the many benefits of the omega-6 essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid. NOW Super Primrose provides an excellent whole food source from cold pressed evening primrose oil. Support women’s health, immune defenses, joint comfort, heart health, and youthful-looking skin the natural way with Super Primrose!


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