NOCCO Sparkling Blood Orange BCAA Energy Drink – Sugar Free with 180mg Caffeine (12 Pack)



Escape to the shores of the Mediterranean with a burst of NOCCO’s Sparkling Blood Orange BCAA Energy Drink. This sugar-free beverage provides a refreshing lift any time of day with just 10 calories per can.

Each 12 oz slim can contains 180mg of caffeine from green coffee beans to deliver the perfect pick-me-up. The lightly carbonated formula supplies 3g of energizing BCAAs – branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids support muscle recovery when consumed after exercise.

NOCCO also includes a dose of biotin plus essential B vitamins – niacin, B6 and B12. So you get an instant energy boost along with key nutrients to keep you at your best.

A Sparkling Sugar-Free Energy Drink:

– 180mg of caffeine per can for clean energy
– 0g sugar & only 10 calories per serving
– Lightly carbonated for a refreshing mouthfeel
– Sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame K
– 12 oz slim cans are perfect for on-the-go

Performance & Recovery BCAAs:

– 3000mg of BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio)
– Supports muscle growth and faster recovery
– Helps reduce exercise-induced muscle damage
– Boosts endurance and mental focus

Essential B Vitamins:

– 50% DV of biotin for healthy hair, skin and nails
– 100% DV of niacin to convert food into energy
– 250% DV of vitamin B6 to support protein metabolism
– 250% DV of vitamin B12 for red blood cell formation

Delicious Blood Orange Flavor:

– Sweet-tart blood orange flavor provides tropical refreshment
– Inspired by Mediterranean sunsets and ocean breezes
– Crisp and clean – no medicinal or chemical aftertaste
– Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, kosher

Trusted Worldwide:

NOCCO was founded in Sweden in 2014 and has gained a loyal global following. Top athletes like NFL star Micah Parsons and CrossFit champ Dani Speegle rely on NOCCO for clean energy and faster recovery.

The brand has won awards for its innovation and taste. NOCCO recently introduced their flavors to the US market, where they’ve quickly become a fan favorite.

Perfect For Any Occasion:

– Pre-workout energy drink for the gym
– Post-workout recovery beverage
– Midday pick-me-up at the office
– On-the-go breakfast replacement drink
– Evening caffeine boost for studying or socializing
– Sugar-free option for health-conscious consumers
– Keto-friendly addition to a low-carb diet

Quality You Can Trust

NOCCO takes pride in producing premium ingredients under strict quality control. Their sleek 12 oz cans prevent light exposure to maintain optimal freshness and flavor.

Try NOCCO’s Sparkling Blood Orange today and experience the perfect balance of refreshment, caffeine and nutrition. With its enticing flavor and just 10 calories, you can enjoy this anytime energy drink guilt-free.


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