Nissin Chow Mein Teriyaki Chicken – Tasty Noodles Ready in 3 Minutes



Craving a quick, delicious meal but don’t have time to cook? Look no further than Nissin Chow Mein Teriyaki Chicken. These pre-cooked noodles are ready in just 3 minutes, making them the perfect solution for busy weeknights or quick lunches on-the-go. Keep a stash in your pantry for those “I don’t feel like cooking” nights.

Tasty Teriyaki Chicken Flavor

The teriyaki chicken flavor is a customer favorite. Sweet, savory and perfectly salty, it coats the noodles and vegetables in mouthwatering umami goodness. Generous chunks of chicken and snap peas provide texture and protein to keep you satisfied. One pouch contains 4 ounces of noodles, enough for a hearty individual serving. With 8 pouches in a pack, you’ll have dinner ready anytime.

Convenient Pre-Portioned Servings

Each pouch contains one single serving, so you can customize your meal. Cook up one pouch for a quick lunch or grab a few when the whole family is hungry. No leftovers or giant pots to store. The pouches are shelf-stable, so you can stock up without taking up precious fridge space. Stash them in your desk drawer at work, keep some in the car for on-the-go meals or bring them along for camping trips and potlucks. Wherever you go, a hot, tasty meal is only minutes away.

Easy 3-Step Preparation

Preparing Nissin Chow Mein couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Tear open pouch.
  2. Add seasoning packet.
  3. Add boiling water to fill line and let sit for 3 minutes.

That’s it! No cooking, chopping or cleanup required. The noodles soften perfectly in the hot water while the seasonings infuse flavor. Customize with extra veggies, protein or a dash of soy sauce if desired. Enjoy them whether you’re 5 or 105 years old – these nostalgic noodles are fun and tasty for all ages.

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

Nissin Chow Mein is made with quality ingredients you can feel good about:

  • Wheat flour noodles – Tasty, comforting noodles without artificial flavors or colors.
  • Real chicken pieces – Generous chunks of chicken in every bite.
  • Snap peas – Crisp peas add nutrition and crunch.
  • No MSG added – Delicious flavor without controversial additives.

Treat yourself to a fast, flavorful meal with Nissin Chow Mein Teriyaki Chicken. Ready in 3 minutes flat, these convenient noodle pouches are perfect for busy lives. Grab a 8-pack today!

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