Muntons Premium Blonde Canadian Style Lager Beer Brewing Kit – Craft Your Own Crisp, Refreshing 6 Gallon Batch



Escape to the great white north and brew up a batch of smooth, easy-drinking Canadian style lager beer with this complete ingredient kit from Muntons. This premium blonde brewing kit contains everything you need to craft six fresh gallons of sweet, subtle beer with a crisp, clean finish – perfect for enjoying straight from the ice chest after a day on the lake.

Brew Your Own Distinctly Canadian Lager Beer at Home

This convenient all-in-one kit features a large 6.6 lb tin of malt extract, yeast, priming sugar for bottle conditioning, and even a muslin straining bag – just add water. The included malt extract is 100% barley-based and lends the beer a sweet, malty backbone, while the yeast strain produces moderate esters and a crisp, dry lager finish.

In about a month’s time, you’ll have a smooth, easy-drinking blonde Canadian lager-style beer that offers a delicious compromise between traditional European pilsners and flavorful English ales. Subtle honey notes mingle with hints of fresh biscuit in this golden brew, while the crisp, dry finish leaves you wanting more than just one frosty glass.

Brewing Made Simple – Craft Beer with Minimal Equipment

This Canadian lager beer ingredient kit is designed for beginning homebrewers, as it requires very little equipment to produce an impressive 6 gallon batch. Simply boil water, dissolve in the malt extract, cool the wort, pitch the yeast, and ferment – this easy brewing process allows even novice brewers to craft a tasty blonde brew.

Once fermentation is complete, simply add the included priming sugar and bottle condition for optimal carbonation and flavor. And unlike advanced all-grain kits, there’s no mashing or sparging involved. Just delicious, crushable Canadian-style lager beer made simple.

Customize with Your Own Hop Additions

While this kit contains everything you need for a balanced blonde lager, you can also customize the recipe by adding your own hop varieties. Try dry-hopping with Mt.Hood or Willamette hops for a more floral, spicy aroma. Or add Northern Brewer hops during the boil to increase bitterness and lend earthy, woodsy notes.

The simple malt extract base and clean fermentation profile give you flexibility to create your ideal blonde ale or lager beer. Add hops, steep specialty grains, or even try fermenting cool with a lager yeast – this complete kit is a blank canvas for crafting your perfect pint.

Enjoy a Taste of the Great White North, Wherever You Call Home

Transport your tastebuds north of the border and tap into your inner Canadian with this easy blonde beer brewing kit from Muntons. Ditch the flannel shirt and logger boots for a bathing suit and flip flops, and enjoy a cold pint of your homemade golden lager after an afternoon of swimming and lounging by the lake.

This crisp, refreshing Canadian-style blonde beer begs to be chilled to ice cold temperatures and served directly from a floating cooler, awakening your taste buds with each frothy sip. With just a few simple ingredients and minimal equipment, you’ll be proudly cracking open a cold one and channeling your inner Canuck in no time. So grab your fishing rod and this complete brewing kit, and treat yourself to a true taste of Canada’s beer culture.


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