Mug Root Beer Soda Fridge Pack Bundle (12 oz Cans, 36 Count)



Refresh yourself with the delicious taste of classic root beer in every sip. This fridge pack bundle from Mug Root Beer contains 36 cans of refreshing old-fashioned root beer, perfect for keeping stocked in the fridge or bringing to parties and picnics. With its smooth, frothy flavor, Mug Root Beer has been a favorite soda pop since the 1920s.

A Blast from the Past

Mug Root Beer brings you back to the good old days with its authentic root beer taste. This isn’t your average cola – it’s flavored with a special blend of roots, herbs, and berries that creates a sweet, creamy soda loved for generations. Every sip is smooth, satisfying, and free of harsh bite. Mug uses no caffeine, making it a root beer the whole family can enjoy.

Share the Love of Root Beer

This 36 can bundle is perfect for sharing Mug Root Beer with family and friends. Keep plenty stocked in the fridge for whenever those root beer cravings hit. Bring along ice cold cans to serve at your next backyard barbecue, Super Bowl party, or birthday bash. With delicious old-fashioned flavor, Mug Root Beer makes a crowd-pleasing beverage for all ages.

Craft Your Own Root Beer Float

Do you dream of the perfect root beer float? With Mug Root Beer on hand, you can create this classic treat any time. Simply pour frosty cold Mug Root Beer over vanilla ice cream and enjoy that unbeatable combination of sweet, creamy soda and rich ice cream. The smooth root beer flavor blends perfectly with the melted ice cream. Add a touch of whipped cream on top for a heavenly float.

A Soda with Real Roots

Mug Root Beer contains no artificial flavors or colors – just authentic roots, herbs, berries, and flavor extracts blended to recreate a true old-fashioned root beer taste. Sassafras and wintergreen add refreshing minty notes, licorice imparts sweetness, vanilla brings in creamy and aromatic flavors, while birch oil provides a distinct root beer aroma. It’s the perfect balance of roots, spices, and memories.

Free of Harsh Bite

Some sodas can have an unpleasant harshness, but Mug Root Beer goes down smooth every time. Each sip features a creamy froth and full, rich flavor free of harsh aftertaste. The birch and vanilla create an aromatic aroma while the wintergreen and sassafras provide refreshing minty notes. It’s everything you love about old-fashioned root beer in every can.

No Caffeine Allowed

Looking for a delicious soft drink without caffeine? Mug Root Beer is proudly caffeine-free, making it a beverage the whole family can enjoy morning, noon, or night. Now everyone can get in on the delicious old-fashioned root beer taste without worrying about staying up too late. Break out the Mug any time you need a refreshing pick-me-up.

America’s Classic Root Beer

Mug Root Beer has been a cherished soda brand since the 1920s, crafting rich, frothy root beer from high quality, all-natural ingredients. Over the decades, Mug has perfected the art of old-fashioned root beer that’s smooth, satisfying, and full of flavor. With just one sip, you’ll see why it’s been a favorite for generations. Live the Mug lifestyle and enjoy a taste of classic Americana.

Product Details

  • Includes 36 cans of 12 fl oz Mug Root Beer
  • Authentic old-fashioned root beer taste
  • Expertly blended with roots, herbs, spices, and flavor extracts
  • Smooth, creamy flavor with no harsh aftertaste
  • Perfect for parties, picnics, or everyday enjoyment
  • Free of caffeine
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Bottled in Los Angeles, CA by the New Century Beverage Company

Treat yourself to a refreshingly delicious can of old-fashioned root beer with this 36 can bundle from Mug. It’s the classic comforting flavor you love in a vintage inspired soda brand.


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