MR.SIGA Mini Dustpan and Brush Set – Convenient and Portable Cleaning Tools for Quick Messes



Tackle life’s little messes faster and easier with the MR.SIGA Mini Dustpan and Brush Set. This compact cleaning duo is designed for quick pickups around the home, office, car and more.

Convenient Size for Portable Cleaning

Measuring just 7.1 x 6.2 inches, these mini cleaning tools are easy to grab for cleanups in a snap. The slim design takes up barely any storage space. Toss the set in a drawer, hang it on a hook, or keep it in your car. With the brush and dustpan always within reach, you can swiftly sweep up dirt, crumbs, pet hair and other debris as messes happen.

No more lugging around a bulky broom and full-size dustpan for small spills. The handheld size also makes this set perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that are tough to access with larger tools. Easily sweep up dust bunnies under furniture, clean corners, and get into tight spaces in your car’s interior.

Premium Materials for Effective Cleaning

The mini brush features dense, durable bristles that sweep up debris without scratching your floors or furniture. It glides smoothly across any surface. From tile to wood floors, countertops to furniture, even clothing and upholstery, this little brush tackles messes anywhere.

The accompanying dustpan is made of sturdy plastic with a rubber lip that conforms to surfaces for improved pickup. The lip lies nearly flat to trap all dust and particles while the built-in comb prevents debris from slipping out.

Both the brush and dustpan boast a natural bamboo handle. Bamboo is strong yet lightweight, and more environmentally friendly than plastic handles. The smooth finish also provides a comfortable, easy grip.

Convenient Storage and Portability

The compact design makes storage a breeze. The dustpan includes a hole so you can hang it on a hook for quick access when you need it. Or keep the coordinated set together in a drawer.

The bamboo handle snaps securely onto the dustpan for a unified set you can carry in one hand. Take it to clean up crumbs in the kitchen, freshen carpets and furniture, or tackle dirt in the car. Wherever you need on-the-spot cleaning, this portable duo is easy to take and use anywhere.

The Mini Cleaning Set You’ll Want Everywhere

This little dustpan and brush set is a cleaning must-have:

  • Handy portable size tackles messes in a snap
  • Ideal for quick cleanups around the entire home and in vehicles
  • Gets into tight spaces larger brooms can’t reach
  • Bamboo handle is lightweight, durable and eco-friendly
  • Dense brush bristles sweep up debris easily without scratching
  • Dustpan traps dust and dirt with rubber lip and built-in comb
  • Snaps together for easy one-handed carrying and storage

Keep this super handy cleaning duo in your kitchen, bathroom, office, car and anywhere else you need a fast mess fix. The compact MR.SIGA mini dustpan and brush set is a quick, convenient tool for everyday spills and dirt cleanup. Order yours today!

Customer Questions

How large is this dustpan and brush set?

The dustpan measures approximately 7.1 x 6.2 inches and the brush 6.5 inches long, making them nicely compact for portability and storage. The small size is perfect for quick cleanups.

What is the brush made of?

The brush has sturdy plastic bristles that are perfect for sweeping up dirt, debris, crumbs and dust from any surface. The dense bristles glide smoothly and won’t scratch.

Does the dustpan stay open on its own?

No, the slim dustpan does require you to hold it open during use. But the compact size makes it easy to hold in one hand while brushing debris in with the other.

Can the dustpan stand up on its own?

The dustpan cannot stand upright on its own given the small, slim design. It is made to be held in your hand for quick cleanups.

What materials are the dustpan and brush handles made of?

Both handles are crafted from natural bamboo, which is renewable, durable and comfortable to grip.

How do you store the dustpan and brush?

The dustpan includes a hole at the top for hanging on a hook for handy storage. Or you can keep the brush snapped into the dustpan and store together in a drawer.

Can this set be used for cleaning carpets?

The brush is best suited for sweeping up dirt and debris from smooth, solid surfaces. For carpet cleaning, a broom with stiffer bristles would likely work better at lifting debris stuck in carpet fibers.

Is it safe to wash the dustpan and brush with water?

Yes, you can wash both the dustpan and brush with mild soap and water as needed. The materials are durable enough for regular cleaning.

Where are these mini cleaning tools made?

This set is designed by MR.SIGA and made in China. MR.SIGA stands behind all products with a money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.


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