Monistat Boric Acid Feminine Cleanser – Fragrance Free Vaginal Wash for Women – 10 oz



Keep feminine health balanced with Monistat’s Boric Acid Feminine Cleanser. This fragrance-free vaginal wash provides a gentle yet effective cleanse to help maintain feminine health and combat odor and discharge.

The unique formula contains boric acid to help balance vaginal pH while cleansing away impurities. Boric acid is a safe, mild antiseptic that helps regulate vaginal acidity within the normal pH range. This creates an environment that deters the growth of odor-causing bacteria and yeast.

Monistat’s cleanser is gynecologist tested and pH balanced specifically for the female anatomy. The soothing wash has a light, cooling sensation and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. Use it as part of your daily feminine hygiene routine for ongoing odor control and feminine wellness.

Gentle Cleansing for Feminine Health

This feminine wash provides a gentle cleanse that won’t disrupt your natural bacterial balance. The non-irritating formula is free of dyes, fragrance and harsh chemicals. It simply cleanses away odor, discharge and impurities for a clean, fresh feeling.

The light, cooling sensation is soothing during use. The wash rinses completely clean, leaving no residue behind. You’ll feel refreshed, not irritated.

Since it is pH balanced for the female anatomy, this wash promotes good vaginal health. Use it every day as part of your feminine hygiene routine.

Odor & Discharge Control with Boric Acid

Boric acid is the key ingredient that sets this cleanser apart. It is a mild antiseptic that helps regulate vaginal acidity and ward off odor-causing bacteria and yeast.

By maintaining the proper vaginal pH level, boric acid preserves your natural defenses against infection. This discourages the growth of odor-causing microbes.

The boric acid cleanse also helps remove vaginal discharge and debris. With daily use, you’ll notice less discharge and feminine odor.

Gynecologist-Tested Formula

You can trust Monistat to provide effective and safe feminine care products. Their Boric Acid Feminine Cleanser is gynecologist-tested to be gentle and non-irritating.

It is designed specifically for cleansing the external vaginal area. The pH-balanced formula matches the normal acidic environment of the vagina. This supports good vaginal health.

As a trusted leader in vaginal health for over 50 years, Monistat understands the intimate needs of women. Their Boric Acid Cleanser is a safe feminine wash you can use with confidence.

How to Use

– Wet skin with lukewarm water before use. Apply a liberal amount of the cleanser to the external vaginal area.

– Gently cleanse by massaging the area with fingers to produce a light lather. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

– Pat dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing.

– Use once or twice daily as part of your feminine care routine for odor control and cleansing.

– For best results, use this vaginal cleanser regularly to maintain feminine freshness.

When to Use a Feminine Wash

In addition to general feminine hygiene, a vaginal cleanser provides extra cleansing power when you need it most. Use a feminine wash:

– During your period – To help wash away menstrual flow and odor

– After intercourse – To cleanse away lubricants or semen

– During pregnancy – For extra cleansing when discharge increases

– After exercise – When sweating leads to increased odor & discharge

– While traveling – For on-the-go cleansing and odor control

Reasons to Choose Monistat’s Boric Acid Cleanser

– Gynecologist-tested, pH-balanced formula

– Cleans away odor, discharge & debris

– Boric acid controls vaginal pH and odor

– Fragrance free and non-irritating

– Light cooling sensation is soothing

– Leaves you feeling fresh and clean

– Can be used daily for feminine hygiene

– Gentle for sensitive skin

– Easy to use with no messy residue

– Trusted Monistat brand with 50+ years expertise

Maintain feminine confidence and wellness with Monistat’s Boric Acid Feminine Cleanser. This gynecologist-tested formula provides the perfect balance of gentle cleansing and odor control for optimal vaginal health.


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