Microfiber Dusters 5Pc Kit with 100″ Extension Pole



Reach and clean every corner of your home with this 5 piece microfiber dusters kit. The 100 inch stainless steel telescoping extension pole extends to over 8 feet, allowing you to reach ceilings, fans, windows, and more. The flexible 360 degree duster head bends to any angle, getting into hard to reach spots. Its fluffy microfiber material attracts dust through static charge without scratching surfaces.

Simply detach the machine washable duster head to toss in the laundry. The kit’s tail suspension design lets you easily hang and store the dusters. This versatile cleaning kit is great for dusting blinds, appliances, cars, furniture, photo frames, and anywhere dust accumulates. Stop standing on chairs and ladders trying to reach cobwebs and dust – this microfiber dusters kit has you covered!


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