Meyer Natural Angus Beef USDA Prime 12oz Ribeye Steaks (10 steaks)



Indulge in the ultimate steakhouse experience at home with this pack of 10 juicy, flavorful 12oz Meyer Natural Angus Beef Ribeye Steaks. As part of Meyer Natural’s premium all-natural beef line, these steaks are crafted from cattle raised humanely and sustainably on independent family ranches across the USA. With strict standards for breed, feed, and humane handling, Meyer Natural Angus beef delivers an unparalleled eating experience you can feel good about.

Each 12oz ribeye steak in this pack is certified USDA Prime, the highest possible grade with abundant marbling for tenderness, juiciness and rich, beefy flavor in every bite. As Prime steaks, they contain all the characteristics that beef connoisseurs crave – a fine texture, delicate flavor, and white fat marbling that creates flavorful juices when cooked. From the first sizzle on the grill or in the pan, you’ll notice these steaks are in a class of their own.

The exceptional taste and texture of these ribeye steaks comes from the Angus breed, which is renowned for its superior marbling, and the caring and ethical way Meyer Natural cattle are raised. Calves stay with their mothers on pasture for the first 6-8 months, living stress-free and developing important antibodies and nutrients from their mother’s milk. They are never given artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, and enjoy a 100% vegetarian diet of grass, hay and grains grown on the ranch. Humane handling practices are observed at all times to minimize fear and stress. This dedicated approach ensures healthy, well-nourished cattle that produce incredibly tender, finely textured, and fabulously tasty beef.

Compared to ordinary grocery store beef, these Meyer Natural Angus Ribeyes offer a truly restaurant-quality steak experience. Each steak is hand selected and individually vacuum sealed to lock in freshness and flavor. The convenient re-sealable freezer bag allows you to keep unused steaks protected. Just defrost in the refrigerator overnight before cooking as desired. Grilling, pan searing, broiling – any cooking method works wonderfully. A quick sear to caramelize the outside and heat to your preferred doneness inside is all you need to serve up steak perfection.

True beef lovers will be blown away by the juicy tenderness and rich, beefy flavor packed into every bite of these premium ribeye steaks. The generous marbling melts during cooking, basting the steak in its own natural juices for incredible taste and moisture. From charred crust to rosy center, these Meyer Natural Angus Ribeyes will be the star of any menu. Elevate a weeknight dinner off the grill, serve them up on a holiday or special occasion, or treat your favorite steak fan to a restaurant-worthy meal at home. With 10 individually vacuum sealed steaks, you’ll have plenty on hand for whenever a craving for an amazing steak strikes.

With its perfect balance of marbling, texture and natural flavor, the ribeye is truly the king of steaks. Cut from the rib section, where the meat is most tender and finely grained, ribeye steaks are intensely marbled to enhance juiciness and taste. These premium Meyer Natural Angus Ribeye Steaks deliver everything discerning beef lovers demand from a great steak:

Melt-in-your-mouth tenderness – Abundant marbling gives these Prime ribeyes a supple, tender texture. The steak almost seems to melt in your mouth with each blissful bite.

Mouthwatering juiciness – Every bite is brimming with flavorful juices for an incredibly moist and satisfying eating experience from the first taste to last.

Rich, beefy taste – The Angus breed and quality marbling provide an unbeatably rich and savory beef flavor you’ll crave again and again.

Delicate, fine texture – Prime grading ensures these ribeyes have a finely grained texture and soft, velvety feel on the palate.

Easy to cook perfectly – Quick-cooking and naturally tender, ribeyes always deliver a flawless medium-rare with a wonderful charred crust.

Convenient individually wrapped steaks – Vacuum sealing locks in freshness and prevents freezer burn so the steaks are ready when you are.

For exceptional quality beef with premium marbling and flavor, look no further than these Meyer Natural Angus USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks. At home or for a special occasion, they deliver a first-class steakhouse menu experience. With delicious convenience at your fingertips, you’ll want to keep these restaurant-quality Prime ribeyes stocked in your freezer.


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