Maxi Health Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil – 2000mg Burpless & Odorless EPA/DHA



Support Whole Body Wellness with Maxi Health Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil. Each softgel delivers 2000mg of pure, molecularly distilled fish oil, with 600mg of EPA and DHA essential fatty acids derived from wild caught fish.

Boosts Brain, Heart, Eye & Immune Health

The vital omega 3s EPA and DHA have been shown in clinical research to benefit the brain, heart, eyes and immune system. The high potency omega 3s in Maxi Health fish oil supplements help:

  • Enhance cognitive functioning and memory recall
  • Support cardiovascular health and arterial flexibility
  • Improve eye moisture and visual acuity
  • Regulate inflammation and strengthen immunity

Maxi Health’s pharmaceutical grade fish oil is a smart choice for children and adults of all ages looking to reinforce whole body wellness with the proven benefits of omega 3s.

Triple Strength 2000mg Formula

Maxi Health omega 3 fish oil softgels deliver 2000mg of pure, molecularly distilled fish oil in every serving. Each softgel includes:

  • 360mg EPA
  • 240mg DHA
  • 1300mg other omega 3s

The high potency EPA and DHA omega 3s are sustainably sourced from wild caught anchovy, sardines, mackerel and salmon. Maxi Health’s proprietary OceanFresh manufacturing process concentrates the beneficial oils while removing contaminants, resulting in pharmaceutical grade fish oil unmatched in quality and purity.

No Fishy Aftertaste or Burps

Fish oil is notorious for its unpleasant fishy aftertaste and smelly “fish burps”. Thankfully, Maxi Health triple strength omega 3 softgels contain no animal products or derivatives, and are formulated to eliminate fishy repeating and odor. Customer reviews rave about the clean taste and scent. Maxi Health fish oil goes down easy with no fishy aftertaste or unpleasant fish oil burps.

Toxin-Free & Sustainably Sourced

Maxi Health omega 3 fish oil undergoes a rigorous purification process to remove environmental contaminants like mercury, lead, PCBs, and other heavy metals. The fish oil is molecularly distilled and cold filtered multiple times to concentrate the beneficial EPA and DHA essential fatty acids and remove toxins. Third party lab testing further verifies the purity and integrity of every batch.

The fish oils are sustainably sourced from reputable fisheries committed to maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems. Choosing Maxi Health means choosing an environmentally responsible fish oil supplement.

Made in the USA Since 1974

Maxi Health fish oil supplements have been manufactured in the USA since 1974. Their state-of-the-art facility exceeds cGMP standards for purity and quality control. Each batch undergoes over 20 quality checks to verify safety, integrity and potency. You can trust Maxi Health’s 45+ years of experience delivering high quality nutritional supplements.

Supports Overall Wellness for All Ages

The omega 3 fatty acids in Maxi Health fish oil provide wide-ranging health benefits for men, women and children. The pure, highly concentrated EPA and DHA support:

  • Brain health: Boosts cognition, memory and focus. Supports healthy brain development in kids.
  • Heart health: Promotes cardiovascular function and arterial elasticity. Helps maintain triglyceride levels already in the normal range.
  • Eye health: Hydrates eyes and improves visual acuity and retinal function.
  • Skincare: Nourishes skin and increases moisture retention for a youthful glow.
  • Joint comfort: Eases inflammation to improve mobility and flexibility.
  • Immunity: Modulates immune responses and fortifies the body’s defenses.

The triple strength formula makes Maxi Health fish oil a potent addition to any wellness regimen. With 2000mg omega 3s and 600mg combined EPA/DHA per serving, it offers strong immune support and protection for the entire family.

Experience the Maxi Health Difference

Maxi Health has been delivering science-backed nutrition since 1974. Their omega 3 fish oil supplements are:

  • 🐟 Made from wild caught fish oils
  • 👌🏻 Molecularly distilled and cold filtered for purity
  • 💊 cGMP certified manufacturing facility
  • 💯 3rd party tested for heavy metals
  • 🧪 Highly concentrated EPA and DHA omega 3s
  • 🤢 No fishy aftertaste or burps

Support whole body wellness with the most trusted name in fish oil supplements. Maxi Health’s high potency formula delivers clinical strength omega 3s for brain, heart, eye and immune support. Add these burp-free softgels to your wellness routine for complete healthy aging support.


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