Mainca Wild Game Camo Print Freezer Bags – 1 Lb. Size – Package of 100



Seal in the Bold Flavors of the Wild with Mainca’s Camo Print Freezer Bags

As an avid hunter, you know that wild game has a bold, unique flavor that’s unmatched by store-bought meats. After spending hours tracking and harvesting your prize buck or filling your tag on a tasty elk, you want to ensure that amazing wild flavor is perfectly preserved. That’s where Mainca’s camo print freezer bags come in.

These heavyweight 2 millimeter freezer bags allow you to seal in the bold flavor of your venison, elk, moose, or other wild game harvests while sealing out air, light, and freezer burn. The thick 2mm polyethylene material and strong side seals ensure your precious wild game stays fresh in the freezer for months on end. No more losing that amazing wild flavor you worked so hard for!

Sized for Sharing or Smaller Portions

At 1 pound capacity, these bags are ideal for packaging ground meat, chops, stew meat, and other cuts of wild game into meal-sized or shareable portions. The compact 1 lb size makes it easy to pull out just what you need for tonight’s dinner or to share some of your harvest with friends and family.

The bags stand 10.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide when empty. Once filled, the 1 inch bottom gusset expands to allow the bag to stand upright, preventing leaks. With 100 bags per package, you’ll have plenty to package an entire deer, elk, or other large game animal with meat to spare.

Heavy Duty Construction Preserves Flavor

The 2 millimeter thick polyethylene film is 50% thicker than standard freezer bags. This heavy material resists freezer burn and moisture loss far better than thinner bags, ensuring your wild game stays fresh and flavorful even after months of freezing.

The strong side seals also prevent leaks that could lead to freezer burn or loss of flavor. And the camo print provides extra light blocking to prevent oxidation.

Safe Handling Panel for Proper Food Safety

Each Mainca freezer bag features a handy safe handling instructions panel printed right on the back. This provides important guidelines for thawing and refreezing wild game properly and safely. The safe handling panel gives you confidence that your packaged meat stays fresh and safe to eat.

The bags are also stamped “Not For Resale” for easy identification. This allows you to keep your wild game harvest separate from store-bought meats in the freezer.

Perfect for Other Uses Too

While these camo print bags are ideal for packaging your prized venison, elk, boar, and other wild game, they’re also great for freezing fruits, vegetables, and leftovers. The durable 2mm material and leak-resistant seals keep food fresh and flavorful longer.

You can even use them when packing lunches to keep sandwiches, snacks, and drinks cold. Just pop one of these heavy duty bags in your cooler or lunchbox and you’re set.

Made in the USA

Mainca freezer bags are proudly made right here in the USA, not imported. So you can trust they meet the highest standards for quality materials and workmanship.

Order Now and Preserve Your Wild Game Harvest in Fresh Flavor

Don’t let that amazing wild game flavor go to waste. Order Mainca camo print freezer bags today and seal in the unique taste of your harvest while locking out freezer burn. With 100 1lb bags per pack, you’ll have plenty to package deer, elk, moose, boar and more in convenient meal-size portions.


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