Lumkew Shower Head Cleaning Brush Kit – Restore Powerful Water Flow to Clogged Showerheads



Tired of weak, drizzling showers due to mineral buildup in your showerhead? The Lumkew Shower Head Cleaning Brush Kit makes it easy to remove limescale and restore strong water pressure.

Sized for All Narrow Nozzle Holes

The small nylon bristles on this brush are designed specifically to penetrate deep inside showerhead nozzle holes to scrub away clogs. No more struggling with flimsy pipe cleaners or improvised tools! The sturdy hexagonal handle gives you leverage to scrub thoroughly.

Ergonomic Non-Slip Grip

The frosted texture on the handle ensures a solid, no-slip grip even when wet. No need to worry about the brush slipping as you work. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to apply targeted force straight into the nozzle openings for efficient scrubbing.

Protective Carrying Case

The included plastic storage case keeps the brushes organized and protected. Each brush nests into its own slot so you can grab just the one you need. The compact case is perfect for keeping these handy cleaning tools in the shower caddy, under the sink or anywhere you need quick access.

Individually Packaged Brushes

Each brush comes wrapped in its own plastic cover to keep the bristles clean before first use. This also allows you to replace brushes one at a time instead of buying a whole new set.

How It Works

Over time, minerals in water deposit limescale that builds up inside the small openings of showerheads. This calcification accumulates and eventually restricts water flow, resulting in annoying drips and sputters instead of a steady spray.

The small nylon bristles of the Lumkew brush are designed to fit inside shower nozzle holes to gently scrub away these clogs. Simply insert the brush into an opening and rotate back and forth to scrub the inner surface. Rinse under running water to wash away dissolved deposits.

Repeat this process for each nozzle opening until water flows freely. Periodic scrubbing prevents serious clogs from forming and keeps your shower performing like new.

Fits All Standard Showerheads

This brush works for most standard showerheads, handheld showerheads, detachable showerheads, rain showerheads and more. The nylon bristles are tough but gentle enough for use on most finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and more.

Unclog Mineral Buildup

Calcium, limescale and other mineral deposits can restrict water flow over time. This brush is designed to penetrate and physically scrub away these clogs to restore normal water pressure.

Remove Soap Scum

In addition to mineral deposits, soap scum residue can also block nozzle holes. The non-abrasive nylon bristles dissolve and wash away soap scum for improved spray pattern.

Eliminate Mold & Mildew

Standing water inside nozzle openings provides the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. A thorough scrubbing removes biofilm buildup and keeps your showerhead sanitary.

Freshen Stale Odors

Stagnant water in a clogged showerhead creates unpleasant odors. Scrubbing away deposits eliminates musty smells.

Prevent Dripping & Leaks

Mineral deposits can corrode the interior of the showerhead causing drips and leaks. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your showerhead.

Improve Water Efficiency

Clogged nozzles force water through smaller openings, requiring more water usage to wet your entire body. Removing flow restrictions conserves water.

Easy to Use

  1. Wet brush bristles under warm running water.
  2. Choose a nozzle and insert brush into opening.
  3. Gently rotate back and forth to scrub interior surface.
  4. Rinse brush under running water to clear debris.
  5. Repeat for each nozzle opening.

For best results, make showerhead cleaning part of your regular bathroom cleaning routine to prevent serious clog buildup.

Order Today for Easy Clog-Busting!

Never struggle with low shower pressure again! The Lumkew Showerhead Cleaning Brush Kit provides an easy solution to remove annoying mineral deposits and soap scum. Order now to restore powerful water flow!


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