Lays Magic Masala Potato Chips – Zesty Indian Spice Flavor (52g Pack of 2)



Experience an explosion of aromatic Indian spices with Lays Magic Masala potato chips. This pack contains two 52g bags of Lays’ popular India-inspired chip flavor, Magic Masala. Each crunchy chip bursts with a proprietary blend of incredible spices and flavors.

Zesty Magic Masala Seasoning

Lays Magic Masala chips feature a mouthwatering seasoning blend created just for the Indian palate. It starts with a medley of savory spices like cumin, clove, cinnamon, and cardamom. Then it’s balanced with flavors like chili pepper, turmeric, and coriander. The result is a fantastically zesty, aromatic seasoning you’ll love at first crunch.

Thin and Crispy Chips

These thin and crispy potato chips are perfect for scooping up the dynamic Magic Masala seasoning. Each chip provides a satisfying crunch to experience the spice blend on every inch of its curved, wafer-like surface. The light and crispy texture also makes it easy to enjoy chip after chip of this incredible flavor.

Irresistible Indian-Style Snack

Looking for a delicious Indian-inspired snack? Lays Magic Masala chips truly capture the taste you’d expect from a top street food vendor in India. The exotic spice blend gives you an authentic masala experience in every bite. It’s a mouthwatering flavor you just can’t stop eating.

Made with 100% Vegetarian Ingredients

Lays Magic Masala chips are made with completely vegetarian ingredients, so anyone can enjoy this tasty snack. They’re prepared in rice bran oil for excellent crunch. The enticing seasoning contains no meat extracts or animal-derived ingredients. Vegans will also appreciate these animal product-free chips.

Share a Taste of India

Introduce friends and family to incredible Indian flavor with a bag of Lays Magic Masala chips. It makes a great addition to a party snack spread. Or toss a pack in your lunch bag to surprise your coworkers with something deliciously different. Anyone who tries these flavorful chips will have a new favorite snack.

Bring the Chaat Experience Home

Love the fragrant spice and crunch of chaat from your favorite street stall or restaurant in India? Lays Magic Masala chips let you enjoy that mouthwatering experience anywhere. Keep a pack with your at-home chaat essentials for authentic flavor when cravings strike. Or enjoy it on its own for chaat-style zing in every crunchy bite.

Flavor That Takes You Places

Transport your taste buds to the magical and vibrant streets of India with Lays Magic Masala chips. Close your eyes while crunching on these aromatic chips, and you just may feel the bustling energy of an evening bazaar. The cumin, clove, chili pepper, and other spices will have you craving a trip to India.

Snack Anytime

With two 52g packs, you’ll have plenty of Magic Masala chips for snacking day or night. Keep one bag at your work desk for a mid-day crunch break. Stash the other in your pantry so you can enjoy light, crispy potato chips at home when hunger hits. The resealable bags help keep chips fresh too.

Delicious Versatility

Not only are Lays Magic Masala chips perfect for simply snacking, they work great as recipe ingredients too. Crush them up for a flavorful breading for chicken or fish. Or sprinkle on top of soups for a crunchy garnish. Get creative with these spice-packed chips!

Quality You Can Trust

For over 75 years, Lays has been America’s favorite potato chip brand. They only select the finest quality potatoes to deliver superior taste and crunch. Their unique cooking process seals in the Magic Masala flavor too. You get the same consistency and deliciousness in every bite.

Treat your taste buds to the incredible blend of spices in Lays Magic Masala chips today! Click Add to Cart now to have this exotic Indian-inspired snack shipped right to your door.


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