LalBrew Nottingham Brewing Yeast – Versatile English Ale Yeast for Craft Beer Brewing



Homebrewers rejoice! With the LalBrew Nottingham yeast from Lallemand, you can easily brew an incredible variety of top-quality ales right in your own kitchen. This highly flocculent English ale yeast strain is celebrated by homebrewers and craft brewers alike for its stellar performance and nuetral flavor profile that lets the malt and hop character of your recipe shine.

Whether you’re looking to brew a crisp golden ale, a hoppy IPA, or a bold imperial stout, LalBrew Nottingham yeast has got you covered. It’s attenuation range of 78-84% leaves beers with a clean, dry finish while still maintaining plenty of body. And its high alcohol tolerance – up to 14% ABV! – makes it perfect for brewing big, bold barleywines.

Versatile Fermentation Performance

One of the aspects that makes LalBrew Nottingham yeast so popular is its flexibility during fermentation. It performs consistently well across a wide temperature range from 50-77°F (10-25°C), so you don’t have to stress about keeping your fermenter at a very precise temp. Nottingham is also not as finicky about fermentation pH as some yeasts, and responds well to oxygenation for active, healthy ferments.

The yeast exhibits a compact sedimentation during fermentation and high flocculation at the end, making it easy to harvest the clear beer off the yeast cake. Dry, crisp finishes can be enhanced by fining with gelatin or cold crashing before packaging.

Clean, Neutral Yeast Character

The LalBrew Nottingham yeast strain imparts virtually no fruity esters or phenols, instead yielding beers that allow malt and hops to be the stars of the show. It’s the perfect choice for hop-forward styles like IPA and pale ale, as it won’t mask the citrus, tropical, piney flavors contributed by hops. For malt-focused beers like amber ales, porters and stouts, the malt complexity and specialty grain flavors can shine through without any yeast-derived distractions.

The complete attenuation and restrained yeast character of LalBrew Nottingham makes it a popular choice for brewing lager-like ales too. Fermented cool, Nottingham can produce smooth, clean, golden beers reminiscent of a delicate pilsner. Kölsch, blonde ales, and cream ales are also wonderful styles to brew with this versatile yeast.

Brew an Array of Ale Styles

While extremely well-suited to brewing popular American and modern beer styles, LalBrew Nottingham is also a smart choice for brewing traditional English-style ales. The estery, phenolic yeast strains traditionally used for ales can be more difficult to work with for the homebrewer. Nottingham provides a more reliable fermentation and lets malt and hops take the lead in recipes for:

  • Pale Ales
  • Amber Ales
  • Porters
  • Stouts
  • Strong Ales
  • Barleywines

With precise temperature control and proper wort aeration, LalBrew Nottingham can even produce lager-like beers without the need for cold fermentation. This gives homebrewers without fermentation temperature control the ability to expand their repertoire into German ale styles like:

  • Kölsch
  • Altbier
  • California Common

A Trusted Brewer’s Workhorse Yeast

The LalBrew Nottingham strain from Lallemand is a high quality brewing yeast that has been used around the world for decades. It was one of the original strains selected for the Lallemand yeast library in 1992 and has been a flagship ever since.

Nottingham is loved by homebrewers for being easy to use and rewarding excellent results. It’s also a favorite of professional craft brewers who need a versatile, durable, high-performing yeast that ferments clean and allows specialty ingredients to shine.

With a pack of LalBrew Nottingham yeast on hand in the refrigerator, a world of delicious craft beers are at your fingertips. Whether following your favorite recipe or formulating your own experimental brew, this yeast has everything needed to create successful ales time after time.


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