LABIGO Electric Spin Scrubber LA3 Pro – Powerful Cordless Bathroom Scrubber with Adjustable Handles and 5 Interchangeable Brush Heads for Easy Cleaning of Bathtubs, Tiles, Windows and More



Tired of scrubbing the bathroom on your hands and knees every weekend? Say goodbye to back pain and hello to sparkling clean surfaces effortlessly with the LABIGO Electric Spin Scrubber LA3 Pro. Equipped with a powerful 380RPM motor, this lightweight but mighty scrubber spins away the most stubborn grime and stains in hard-to-reach spots so you can cut your cleaning time in half.

With 5 interchangeable brush heads, this electric scrubber tackles any cleaning task. Use the dome brush to scour soap scum and mildew from your shower tiles and bathtub surround. Switch to the corner brush to thoroughly clean tight crevices and gaps. Remove fingerprints and dust from windows and glass using the flat brush. For cars and delicate surfaces, the chenille cloth gently lifts away dirt without scratching.

Customize the cleaning experience with 3 adjustable angles and an extendable handle that adjusts from 24.4 to 47.2 inches. Easily adapt from cleaning floors to countertops to ceilings, reducing back strain. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, secure grip. Weighing only 2.87 pounds, the scrubber is lightweight and easy to maneuver into any position.

Constructed with waterproof ABS plastic, the scrubber head is fully submersible and can be used directly with running water. The stiff PP bristles are durable and shed-resistant. Safely use on any waterproof surface including tile, glass, stainless steel, enamel, marble, and more. With a powerful 2500mAh lithium-ion battery, the scrubber delivers up to 90 minutes of continuous cleaning on a 3-4 hour charge.

Experience the satisfaction of a sparkling clean bathroom without hours of scrubbing and sore muscles. This electric spin scrubber does all the tough work for you – just hold and guide. Give your surfaces a deep clean while giving your body a break.

Cut Cleaning Time in Half with Powerful Spin Scrubbing

Tackle soap scum, mold, mildew, grime, and stubborn stains with ease using the high-speed rotating brush heads. Spinning at a fast 380RPM, the stiff bristles provide intense scrubbing power to lift away dirt from textured surfaces like tile grout. Allow tough stains to soak for 5-10 minutes before scrubbing for best results.

The spin scrubber head glides across floors, walls, countertops, windows, appliances, vehicles, outdoor furniture, and more – anywhere needing a deep clean. No more struggling with traditional bristle brushes and sponges. Let the power scrubber do the hard work while you simply guide it along the surface.

With less time and effort spent scrubbing each area, you’ll zip through your whole bathroom cleaning routine. Give the spin scrubber a try and you may just look forward to your weekend cleaning sessions!

Interchangeable Brush Heads for Every Cleaning Task

The LA3 Pro electric spin scrubber comes with 5 distinct brush heads so you can customize the scrubber for the task at hand:

Dome Brush: Designed for curved surfaces like sinks, tubs, shower walls. Stiff angled bristles scour away soap scum and mineral deposits.

Corner Brush: Triangular shape with bristles on all sides cleans tight corners and crevices where grime hides.

Flat Brush: Use on flat surfaces like floors, walls, mirrors, windows, stovetops. Ideal for scrubbing large areas.

Blue Cleaning Cloth: Gently cleans glass, mirrors, windows, vehicles. Lifts dirt without scratching.

Chenille Cloth: Extra gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces. Great for cars, furniture, and unfinished wood.

Snap on the ideal brush head for whatever you need to clean. No need for multiple specialized tools and brushes cluttering your closet. All your scrubbing needs are handled by this single electric spin scrubber.

The quick-release design makes swapping brush heads simple. Just rinse clean after use and lock into place for next time.

Adjustable Handle Reduces Strain for Comfortable Cleaning

With adjustable angles and 3 telescoping lengths, the spin scrubber handle customizes to your height and reaches every surface with ease. No more crouching, bending, or climbing during cleaning sessions.

Easily switch between 3 fixed head angles – 180°, 135°, and 90° – to tackle horizontal, vertical, or tight spot cleaning. Want to scrub the shower floor? Extend the handle and set the head to 180° to comfortably clean while standing.

Need to scour mildew from the ceiling or clean the windows? Adjust to 135° for convenient cleaning of overhead surfaces. For getting into tub corners and faucet crevices, angle the head to 90° and get into those tight spaces with the corner brush.

The handle smoothly extends from 24.4 inches to 47.2 inches with the twist of the quick-release lock. Shorten for easy maneuverability or lengthen to reduce back strain. Comfortably clean hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fans, crown molding, baseboards, and behind appliances without bending or straining.

At just 2.87 pounds, the spin scrubber is lightweight and easy to control. The soft rubberized handle provides a secure grip even when wet. Enjoy hours of effortless cleaning without hand or wrist fatigue.

Waterproof and Safe for All Surfaces

The LABIGO Electric Spin Scrubber LA3 Pro is designed for safe use on all waterproof hard surfaces. The ABS plastic scrubber head is IPX7 waterproof rated for use in wet environments. Fully submerge the spinning brush in the tub, sink or with running water without worry.

Durable polypropylene (PP) bristles are shed-resistant and withstand repeated use on tough cleaning tasks. Stiff bristles provide excellent scrubbing power while remaining gentle on surfaces.

Use on tile, glass, marble, granite, stainless steel, porcelain, fiberglass, enamel, plastics, chrome, laminate, linoleum, stone, unfinished wood, and more. Always test a small area first. Avoid using on cloth, soft wood, plaster, or painted surfaces which may scratch.

Rinse all surfaces after use and allow to fully air dry. Not recommended for use on human or pet skin. Store spin scrubber head up when not in use to allow proper water drainage.

Long Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery for Extended Cleaning Power

Never run out of power mid-cleaning again! The LA3 Pro cordless electric spin scrubber is equipped with a high-performance 2500mAh lithium-ion battery. Fully charge in just 3-4 hours for up to 90 minutes of continuous scrubbing action.

A full battery charge before first use maximizes overall lifetime. Lights on the battery indicator notify you when power is low or fully depleted. Simply dock on the charger base after each use.

Forget tripping over cords or hunting for convenient outlets. The cordless, rechargeable design offers complete freedom of movement. Easy to store and always ready for your next cleaning task.

Experience refreshed, grime-free surfaces in a fraction of the time using this long-lasting lithium-ion powered spin scrubber. Your back and knees will thank you!

Sparkling Clean Bathrooms Minus The Back Pain

Ditch the buckets and brushes. Toss the sponges and scrub pads. The LABIGO Electric Spin Scrubber LA3 Pro upgrades your cleaning routine with power scrubbing and adjustable design.

No more painful hours crouched over the tub, scrubbing away at soap scum and mildew. This spin scrubber tackles all the tiring cleaning tasks – just guide it along the surfaces and watch the dirt disappear.

Get a deep clean while giving your body a break. Enjoy cleaner bathrooms and kitchens with less effort. Give your home the care it deserves without sacrificing your health. Experience the magic of power scrubbing today!


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