Korean Street Food Tteokbokki Rice Cake Kit – Authentic Gochujang-Infused Spicy Snack



Experience the Addictive Taste of Korea’s Favorite Street Food Snack with This Easy-to-Make Tteokbokki Rice Cake Kit

Craving the tantalizing flavors of Korea but don’t want to book a flight to Seoul? Get your fix of authentic Korean street food with this ready-to-cook Tteokbokki rice cake kit. With just a few easy steps, you can recreate the classic Korean snack – chewy rice cakes bathed in a sweet, spicy, utterly addictive gochujang-based sauce.

One bite will transport your tastebuds straight to the food stalls of South Korea. Keep reading to learn why this gourmet kit is a must-try for Korean food fans and spice lovers alike!

An Iconic Korean Street Food Snack

Tteokbokki (pronounced “tock-bok-ee”) is one of Korea’s most beloved fast foods. These stubby rice cakes simmered in a fiery red sauce can be found sizzling on street carts and snack stalls across the country.

The star ingredient is garaetteok, short cylinder-shaped rice cakes made from rice flour. Their firm, chewy texture perfectly soaks up the finger-licking spicy glaze.

This moreish snack offers the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The rice cakes provide a mild, neutral base for the complex punch of gochujang – Korea’s signature fermented red chili paste. A touch of sweetener balances out the heat.

An Authentic Taste of Korea in Your Kitchen

With this gourmet kit, you can cook up restaurant-quality Tteokbokki at home in just 10-15 minutes. We provide everything you need for an authentic Korean flavor experience:

– Chewy white rice cakes, cut into bite-sized pieces
– Smooth, fiery gochujang sauce
– A seasoning packet with onions, garlic, sesame and savory seafood flavor
– Quick cooking instructions

All the ingredients are top-notch. The rice cakes are made from Korean rice flour for the perfect tender-firm texture. Our gochujang sauce features premium Korean chili peppers fermented with rice and sweetener – no artificial flavors added.

In other words, this is the real deal – the same Tteokbokki flavor you’d enjoy on the streets of Seoul!

Irresistibly Delicious and Addictively Spicy

Here’s a taste of the mouthwatering flavors you can expect:

The rice cakes offer a nice chewy contrast to the velvety, clinging sauce. Each dense cylinder soaks up the complex flavors.

Gochujang brings a perfect slow burn, along with hints of sweetness and a rich, fermented umami taste. Onion and garlic add savory depth.

The seafood seasoning enhances the brothy flavors of the sauce. A touch of sesame oil provides nutty aroma.

Spicy but balanced. Sweet yet tangy. Irresistibly moreish from the first juicy, saucy bite to the last! Once you try it, this snack may just become a new obsession.

Endless Combination Possibilities

While Tteokbokki is delicious on its own, it also pairs amazingly well with other ingredients. Get creative with tasty add-ins like:

– Oozy mozzarella cheese
– Tender fish cakes
– Sautéed kimchi
– Soft-boiled eggs
– Sliced green onions
– Toasted sesame seeds
– Cooked ramen noodles
– Sauteed mushrooms or veggies
– Shredded nori seaweed

Take this iconic street snack from simple to gourmet in minutes!

For spice lovers and Korean food fans, this kit is the ultimate way to enjoy Tteokbokki at home. With premium ingredients and authentic flavor, it’s the next best thing to grabbing a bowl from your favorite Seoul food stall. Try it tonight!


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