KLEEG Complete Pre-Paint Cleaning Kit – Cabinet, Wall, Wood Prep



Get surfaces paint-ready fast with the KLEEG Complete Pre-Paint Cleaning Kit. This handy bundle contains everything needed to thoroughly clean and degloss surfaces prior to painting. Simply wipe away years of dirt, grease, smoke, and stains in one easy step.

The Bundle Contains:

  • Krud Kutter TSP Substitute Prepaint Cleaner (32 oz) – Cleans and etches surfaces for superior paint adhesion. Formulated without toxic chemicals found in traditional TSP.
  • High-Tack Painter’s Tack Cloth (18″ x 36″) – Lifts away dust, lint, and debris for a smooth painting surface. Reusable and anti-static.
  • KLEEG Cleaning Packets (5 pouches) – Deglosses shiny surfaces so paint sticks better. No-rinse formula.

Ready to refresh dingy cabinets, walls, trim, furniture and more with a fresh coat of paint? This kit ensures professional prep results without the hassle and mess.

The Cleaner That Out-Cleans TSP

Traditional TSP (trisodium phosphate) is a powerful cleaner trusted by professional painters, but it contains harsh chemicals and can damage many surfaces. Krud Kutter has created a safer water-based alternative that cleans and etches as well or better.

This non-toxic prep cleaner removes:

  • Grease & Oil
  • Grime & Soil
  • Smoke Residue
  • Pencil & Crayon
  • Dirt & Scuff Marks
  • Stickers & Decals
  • Old Wallpaper Paste

Use it on interior and exterior surfaces including:

  • Wood Siding & trim
  • Brick & Concrete
  • Drywall & Plaster
  • Aluminum & Vinyl Siding
  • Painted Metal
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Furniture

The water-based formula won’t damage surfaces or linger with harsh fumes. No need to rinse after wiping clean. Just allow to fully dry before painting.

Lint-Free Tack Cloth Gets Rid of Dust

Missed dust results in an uneven paint finish. That’s why professional painters always finish prep with a high-quality tack cloth.

The included 18″ x 36″ cloth picks up the smallest particles the cleaner leaves behind. Just gently wipe to create a flawless dust-free surface for paint to adhere to.

The soft woven fabric lifts debris without leaving lint or strings behind. Sized to cover large areas fast.

The anti-static treatment prevents dust from sticking to the cloth between wipes. Rolls up for compact storage after use. Reusable for many projects.

KLEEG Deglosses for Superior Paint Adhesion

The included KLEEG cleaning packets work like liquid sandpaper to remove gloss and degloss shiny surfaces. This helps paint grip better for fewer brush marks and greater durability.

Each pre-moistened pouch quickly cuts through gloss on:

  • Lacquered Cabinets
  • Enameled Sinks & Tubs
  • Tile Backsplashes
  • Glossy Painted Walls
  • Finished Wood Trim

No mixing or mess – just wipe on and allow to work. Contains fine scrubbing particles to etch the surface. Rinse with water afterwards.

Get a stronger paint bond that lasts. Just 5 minutes of deglossing improves adhesion and finish results.

Everything Needed for Perfect Paint Prep

Stop struggling to prep surfaces for painting with individual cleaners, rags, and tack cloths. This kit contains our top-rated products in one money-saving bundle.

Spend less time prepping and more time painting with these convenient surface solutions.

Create a flawless base for any type of paint or finish. Guaranteed to help paint adhere better with less touching up.

Order the KLEEG Complete Pre-Paint Cleaning Kit today and refresh dingy surfaces with ease.


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